Big news 'round these parts...and if you follow me on Instagram I apologize for the repetitiveness, but: WE GOT A POOL!  And you can follow along with our fun on Instagram with the #HoosierPoolKwood hashtag.

I'm so excited.  we had this exact same model/size pool at our city house and we loved it so--and this was prekids.  When I came across it last year at Big Lots on 50% clearance for $59, I couldn't pass it up!  We knew we didn't have the room for it because of 1. too much shade 2. uneven ground 3. giant trees in the way, but we figured we'd find a spot for it eventually.  Well, fast forwarded to us having those 5 giant trees taken out, Mike doing some ground leveling, and BAM!  We had room for our pool!

It took Mike and I maybe an hour to set up and then several hours to fill up and we were good to go.  To say Patrick was excited was an understatement: he literally could.not.wait. to get in!

Of course it poured down rain the day we got it setup, but fortunately someone was pretty understanding and we were able to hold him off until the afternoon to test out the waters.  Literally.  They were FREEZING.

That didn't stop him--he loved it, teeth chattering and all!  He has asked to "go to Bear Park Pool" literally every waking second, and I'm sure it won't stop all summer long.

We love going to Kirkwood pool, but sometimes we don't have a TON of time to go, and it's challenging enough taking these two anywhere, let alone a pool.  But having one in our backyard to come and go in at our leisure is amazing and will be our go-to all summer long!

Ro finally got brave and ventured in earlier today -- and it was still kinda chilly and took her a bit to warm up (literally!) to it but once she did she had a blast.  I can't wait till it gets even warmer and she starts to really swim and float on her own (thank you Puddle Jumpers) and have a blast in the water with her brother!

So, that's my fun little #HoosierPoolKwood update.  I'm sure I'll have another post soon about some other weekend fun (a wedding!!) we had...so stay tuned for that :)

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