Patrick's 3rd Birthday Party & Other Weekend Adventures

Whew!  What a weekend!  Mama needs a weekend to recover from the weekend!  Haha!  In all seriousness, it was oodles of fun having Patrick's 3rd birthday party, a winery date (at home!) with our buddies, and Mother's Day all jam-packed into one weekend.

So!  Let me start this novella at the beginning: we had a little impromptu photo shoot Friday night cause Ro begged me to model her new June & January playsuit and the weather was just too nice to pass that up.

All of the kids were relatively cooperative, Ro being the most.  Only after I was editing these pics did I realize that her outfit totally matched the scenery.  Oops.

So!  Onwards we go to Patrick's birthday party Saturday morning, which was Paw Patrol themed.

I was at Walmart getting some soap (Zote!) that they only sell there and came across these decorations a few months ago and had to get them for Patrick's party.  I usually stray away from premade decorations and make my own, but he loves Paw Patrol so much I just had to get them for him.

Ro busted out her Paw Patrol shirt and party hat and both kiddos were in the partying spirit before the herd of 15+ kids came over.  Seriously,

I should have snapped more pics of all of the kid festivities but I didn't...oops.  And it totally looks like Patrick is drinking a Pepsi here and he totally could have been, I didn't notice if he was or wasn't.  Mom of the year again!

Patrick loved having happy birthday sang to him and getting to blow out his 3 candle before tearing into his presents...he got so many good ones from all of his friends and family!

Immediately after the party Patrick left with KiKi to go to her lake for the evening and Ro headed off to the Mooneys after nap so Mike and I could get ready to host our winery night.

I got ^^^this pic from my aunt Kate and Mike couldn't have been more proud of Patrick for embracing his inner hoosier and going pee outside.  Me, on the other hand, was proud of him for not just peeing in his swim suit since he was in the sprinkler!!

Our winery night was a huge hit!  We had so much fun with our buddies at our house Saturday night, despite being without power!  There was this crazy storm that blew through and some strong winds (literally just a few gusts!) and BAM!  Downed tree and our power was out from 4:30pm Saturday until 8:30am Sunday morning!  So we had our party in the dark and it seemed to go just fine for everyone who came :)  I was only a teeny bit paranoid about my 300+ ounces of milk in the deep freeze going bad, but fortunately it was just fine since we didn't open them and they were still frozen solid when the power did finally come back on.

I am SO THANKFUL for my Medela battery adapter as well, which allowed me to still pump in the powerless house without having to go somewhere to find a plug with thank you for that Medela!  I've only had to use this a few times and it's come in soooooo handy the times I've needed it!

Mother's Day just reminded me how full my heart is with these two little burritos in it all day everyday.  I am so thankful they call me mama, despite sometimes being the reason I want to pull my hair out and stab my eyeballs with forks.  I love them so much, despite how incredibly hard it is sometimes being their mama.

My mom sent me this pic of Patrick and Goose snoozin' away at the lake and it was just the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS!!!  Seriously, how adorable is that?!  I die.  So sweet.

Ro was wearing a custom Cardinals Applecheeks diaper and I had to do a side-by-side of not even a year ago when Patrick was wearing it on the same snap setting, almost a year older than she is!  Ha!  Crazy how chunky she is, isn't it?!

Several weeks ago we got the cousins together to do a secret Mother's Day shoot for Mike's mom...well, we finally were able to give her her picture (which we ordered as a 30 x 40 canvas print, OMG, so huge!!) and post the shots we got!  I'm biased, but how cute are they?!  So dang cute!

Lizzy was all about getting pics with Ro and Rosie was not too thrilled about it.  These pics crack me up and I'm sure they'll come in handy for blackmail later on in life :)

We had Mother's Day dinner at Mike's parents, as our usual jam for Sunday night, and we decided to get a group pic cause we hadn't done one in a glad we did!  Now we can add 2016 to our ever-growing Mooney clan snaps!

Cause I know you're curious, here's the past 5 years of Mooney snaps :) 

And since I had my camera out and Ro was in my favorite June and January ice cream dress, I snapped some pics of her lookin' fancy dancy, just, cause that's how I roll.

I got this pic of Grandma with her grandbabies and I love it so, cause everyone is mostly looking/smiling.

And my sister-in-law Erin was able to get this snap of me and my kiddos which I LOVE so much!  I hardly ever get a good pic of me in front of the camera instead of behind it, and to have my kiddos in it with me is just all the more better.  Would have been icing on the cake if Mike would have been in it...but next time.  We have so few entire family pics, we really need to try and take them more often.

This morning I got a rare weekday treat: having breakfast with my main little man, because he had his 3 year checkup at his doc this morning!

He wore his vaccines shirt again (even though no shots were had, but still, he likes to show his support) and rocked his appointment.

He's happy, healthy, and huge once again!  Our doc is super happy with his growth and everything he's done.  I will say Patrick had his goofy hat on and was talking like a baby alien THE ENTIRE APPOINTMENT which prompted our doc to ask about his speech and I reassured her he was being silly and does speak quite clearly and in sentences.  AS SOON as she left the room he looks at me and says, clear as can be, "Mom, do I get a sticker now?!"  EYEROLL.  This kid is gonna give me gray hairs.

Ro looked fancy this morning in her bubblegum lounge shorts and matching donut shirt her cousin Abby gave her for her birthday.  I love her so much.

I then went off to "work" for the day: I snapped pics for the UA golf classic of all of the individual foursome teams.  It was so much fun cruising around on the fast gas-powered golf carts snapping pics!  It did pour down rain which was fun (not really) trying to keep my camera dry, but it all worked out and everyone got their pic snapped and I got them all edited in the backseat of my car and dropped off at the printing place before heading home for the day.

Ro's been letting us balance her standing more and more lately, so I'm *hoping* this means she's on the path to doing it on her own oh-so-soon!  Patrick was walking like crazy by now and she's not even pulling up!  Slow and steady wins the race, right Ro Ro?!

Tonight we met my cousins at Happy Joe's for dinner and it was so much fun getting to chit chat with them and watch Rosie and Cole (who's just a couple months older than Rosie) play together.  They are too cute and I love how they're getting to grow up together!

Finally, I'll end this post with my burritos (all of them!) sportin' their June & January lounge shorts.  They are just the cutest and will be a staple all summer long!

Welp, that's it friends...Monday is officially OVER!  Have a great rest of your week!

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