Stash Shots and Standing

Whew!  What a week!  I kinda don't know where to begin so lemme start with my blog post title and I'll ramble from there, per my usual style.

I got a big order from last week's June & January sale (not all of this!  We had most of this already!) and decided to do a stash shot.  Holy Toledo, we have a TON.

But since I like putting Scoots in my J&J pics, I tossed him in for good measure too...which then promoted the kids to meander their way into my stash shot space and decided to add them to my stash snap too, so voila!  Final product:

Yes, I'm aware we have an addiction.  But whatevs, YOLO, right?!  

And some of this is for #3 whenever he/she decides to make an appearance too, so I'm saving it in a specially labeled box in the newly cleaned out basement just for him/her.  Ro will probably be rockin' her playsuits all summer long and I can't wait for that!  Hope she doesn't grow too much cause they're 2Ts and I'm scare she won't be able to fit into them for too much longer.

Mike send me ^^^ this picture yesterday and I about fell over: Ro pulled herself up to standing for the first time ever!  WOO HOO!  Go sister bear go!  Nevermind she's 13 months old today and Patrick was running by this point -- baby steps.  My little turtle is slowly and steadily doing things at her own pace and I'm just along watching and documenting her milestones and ride.

Scoots turned ELEVEN years old yesterday and had a wonderful birthday and Cinco de Mayo.  Oh!  Have I told you he started his own blog?!  You need to check it out and subscribe: Adventures with Scooter -- it's pretty awesome and hilarious if I do say so my (biased) self.

So I take a TON of pics in our backyard, which always has our neighbors awesome backyards as the true backdrop.  Well, Mike suggested that we take advantage of a canvas print coupon and order them some snaps I've taken of their beautiful yards and foliage and give them to them as gifts.  Both of our neighbors on either side are 85+ years old, so hopefully they'll really enjoy these snaps of their landscapes.

Earlier this week I snapped my dear and oldest friend Robyn's family pics (which turned out awesome, btw) and we took our kiddos (sans Mike, he was workin') to Fuddruckers for dinner.  It was so fun getting to hang with her boys (Patrick is obsessed with Rory and Milo and Rosie are really good at sitting and staring at each other)...they recently moved back from Seattle (well, like a year and a half ago!) to plant themselves and TinySuperheroes here, and I am SOOOOO thankful that she's back close to us!!!

On Wednesday it was my last class with my Computer Graphics seniors (tear :( ) so we had a little pizza party, and the girls asked if I'd have Mike bring Patrick and Rosie up.  Twist my arm...OKAY!  So they came up and had a fun little time playing on the front steps while we waited for the pizza...and then Patrick feeding Rosie like she was a hungry goat.

Speaking of, Patrick really likes to feed A LOT.  I'm biased, but I think it's adorable.  I'm waiting for him to smash whatever he's feeding her in her face at some point, but until that happens I'll continue to think it's cute and snap pics like the one above from the Custard Station last night after dinner with my dad.

If we'd have summer evenings like we had last night (but with Mike there -- I hate when he works nights!) every.single.night. this summer, I wouldn't complain.  My waistline might, but I won't bring that up :)

Side note: Ro also is a master at the straw and really loves the cookies and cream shakes from Chick-fil-A, just like her mama.  So proud am I.

We found out earlier this week that Patrick *might* have allergies.  UGHHHH.  I was hoping and praying that he and Ro would avoid the horrendous allergies I have, but this week proved different.  His eyes were all glassy and goopey (and turned into pink eye, but fortunately thanks to some drops that's gone) and his nose was runny.  Fortunately some children's Zyrtec seemed to knock out what he did have and hopefully if he does have allergies they'll be mild and easily treatable (unlike yours truly).  Fingers crossed for that!

Just two phone iPhone snaps I edited it in Snapseed that I thought were cool so I'm sharing them here.  You're welcome.

Ro got some new dresses made for her by her aunt KiKi and great great aunt Elaine and I can't wait to put her in them!  Aren't they the cutest?!!

And I'll end this post with a snap from Wednesday when we bid farewell to aunt Mary and uncle Jim as they have now officially moved to Virginia to be with their new grandbaby Audrey.  We will miss them oh-so-much and I'm getting teary eyed right now typing this that they're officially gone and we won't be able to see them at a whim whenever we want to.  FaceTime will be our best friend from here on out...we miss you already Mary and Jim!

Well, that's about all of the all-over rambling I've got for this Friday morning...have a great one friends and a wonderful weekend!  We have Patrick's birthday party tomorrow (Paw Patrol themed) so that'll be a fun little part to our weekend before Mother's Day on Sunday.  Exciting times for the Mooney clan, let me tell ya :)

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