Patrick Tales | 06

Ahhhh, aren't you in for a treat today?!!  Another exciting installment of Patrick Tales!  I swear this kid gets funnier and funnier each and every day.  He hears and understands EVERYTHING, and lately, likes to repeat it as well (as my aunt Kate calls him, a little parrot).  But!  The stuff that he is saying and repeating is freaking hysterical and leaves us in stitches almost all the time.  For example, the very first Tale below: Mike and I were crying laughing laying in bed last night over Patrick saying that, and again this morning when we chatted on the phone JUST to start giggling over it again.

Anyways, without further adieu, another riveting installment of Patrick Tales.

Currently Matt & Katie are storing some of their furniture in our basement until they move into their new house...Mike and Patrick walk down the steps to the basement...
Patrick: {pointing} Look at this junk!
Mike: Is that what mommy calls it?
Patrick: Uh-huh.

After our walk, I ran inside to put Scooter away and grab my camera for some backyard pics...I come back outside to this ^^^
Patrick: I peeing. KiKi said to find a bush if I got to pee.

Me: Patrick, do you want another brother or sister someday?
Patrick: I want a dog.
Me: We already have a dog!

Patrick: I want another one.

{Scooter sneezes}
Patrick: Bless you Scooter!

In the mornings my new 'do is CRAZY and it needs a'many brushings and spray detanglers to tame it.
Me: Patrick, come look at mommy's crazy hair!
Patrick: Ohhhhhhhhhh, it look beautiful mommy.

Out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant...
Patrick: I want that! {pointing to a crab rangoon}
Mike: It’s too hot buddy.
Patrick: I want it!
Mike: Well then what do you say?
Patrick: Cut it with a knife to cool it!

Patrick: {calling out from the bathroom} Daddy, whatcha doing?
Mike: I’m picking up your disaster you made all morning in the family room.
Patrick: I pooped on the floor.
Mike: WHAT?! How did that happen?!
Patrick: It fell out my butt.

While on one of his many vacations at KiKi's Lake...
Patrick: {in bathtub} Skye's all clean!
KiKi: I love Skye.
Patrick: I love Rocky!
This goes on for a while...KiKi is playing on her phone while Patrick continues to play in the tub, then sees that the entire half galon container of soap is gone because Patrick used it to clean Skye 57 million times.

While at Goose's nursing home, Patrick has a conversation with Greenlee, one of the nurses.
Greenlee: Do you have a girlfriend?
Patrick: Yes.
Greenlee: What's her name?
Patrick: RoRo

Patrick woke up early one morning and I wanted to get some stuff done before he was UP for I gave him is iPad and told him to watch it in his room until his green light (nightlight stoplight that tells him when it's okay to get out of bed) comes on.
Patrick: {singing} tinkle tinkle wittle star how I wonder what you are...
Me: {goes into his room} Buddy, no talking until the green light comes on!
Patrick: I not talking I SINGING!!!!

I pick up a piece of lettuce off the ground Ro dropped and Scoots didn't eat, and I say to myself
Me: No wonder he didn't eat it. It's a leaf. 
Patrick: it's not a leaf mom it's salad!

Ahhhh, isn't he a little ham?!  I'm sure I'm probably the only one laughing at these, but whatevs.  What a great little memory for him to look back on in 15 years when he's graduating from high school!  Digital baby book right here folks.

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