1SE: August 2018

Wowzers.  Just FOUR months left of 2018.  I cannot believe it!  I mean, we're officially less than 6 months away from meeting #4 and I'm sure the rest of 2018 is gonna zippppp on by!

August was a fun month.  Lots of adventures and memories and I just love looking back on our one-second snippets from each day!  I truly am SO HAPPY that I have stuck with it -- I cannot wait to see what the final video looks like on 12/31!!

And with that said, I have another #Mooneycandid365 project update for you!  Today is day 243 and we officially have wrapped up 8 months of 2018...crazy!  But am LOVING how this project has gone so far too an anxious to see what the end result looks like too :)

Until September 30th my friends...adios!!

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