Rosie's First Day of 3s Preschool

Today was Rosie's first day of 3s preschool!  I swear I feel like this was just Patrick and now here we are with Rosie!!

Rosie is doing the same schedule she had last year: 3 full days a week.  She is super excited to be back at her same school (I know missing her PatPat though) and with some of her same friends from last year.

Of course we had to do a little photo shoot before school!  Fortunately today it was not raining so back out front we were for some first day of school snaps!

Before we left her Papi gave her lots of hugs and told her over and over he didn't want her to leave because he was going to miss her since she was at a new school.

I about MELTED.  It was the cutest thing EVER.

She was SO EXCITED for school -- had zero issues with waltzing right in and into her new classroom!  Immediately she saw the play-doh and was sold.  She told me to have a good day (WHAT???!!) and waved by and she was off.  It was so freaking cute and SO MUCH different than last year when I was so nervous to drop her off on her first day!  Definitely growing up!  And how freaking old does she look in her first day snap out in front of school?!

SO BIG IS SHE!  Three going on thirteen! HAHA!

Mike and I both picked her up from school and she went on and on about what a great day she had -- told us she ate her entire lunch (steak sandwich), took a good nap with mingo, played with her friends, played in the gym cause the playground was wet, and played with lots of play-doh.  She really had the best day ever!

We came home to a special treat -- a new book for Rosie!  She was ecstatic and we've read it five times already.  HAHA!  I think I convinced her to be a mingo for Halloween too!

All in all she had an awesome day and cannot wait to go back next week!  I hope she never loses her love for school...EVER.

And feel free to stroll down memory lane with her first day of school post from last year :)

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