Lakin' It

So last year we got to spend an awesome weekend in July at my brother in law's aunt's house at the Lake of the Ozarks!  And we were soooo lucky to get to spend another weekend this year back there again!

We left Thursday afternoon and came back Sunday a long weekend was had and it was just the most perfect weekend -- and perfect amount of time away!

On our way down we stopped for DQ for dinner, which Ro clearly LOVED the free kids ice cream cone, and Patrick loved showing off his new "Hola Kindergarten" shirt before we made the last hour journey to the house.

As soon as we got there the big kids + Lizzy jumped in the pool and swam all night long!  Or until we pulled them out to go to bed.  They had a busy weekend of a lot more pool time ahead of them!  HAHA!

Friday morning we got up, had a quick breakfast, and then had one agenda piece for the day: LOTS AND LOTS OF POOL TIME!

Annie LOVED the water (shocker!) and tolerated her life vest we made her wear all weekend, so that was great.  How funny are these videos from the pool?!?!?  Especially the ones of Brian tossing Annie up!  Golly that girl loves to fly.

And here's where my gigantic photo dump starts: I took a billion pics on my GoPro (and a few with my big camera) that I'm sharing here...because seriously, all we did Friday and Saturday was swim!  It.was.AWESOME.  Seriously, so much fun!

Can you really share too many pool pictures?! I.think.not.

The kids had a blast tooling around the big ol' house once again...I didn't actually snap too many pics of them inside the house, but I did grab a few of them for you (you're welcome :)

Curtis made yummy pulled pork for dinner Friday night and I made tacos for Saturday -- and other than that we didn't leave!  We swam, ate, drank, swam some more, napped, swam, played, watched movies, relaxed, and just had the best time EVER!  It really is a treat to get away, even for a weekend, and going to this amazing spot on the lake is just the BEST!  Until next time!

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