This chick is OBSESSED lately with her princess dresses.  Like as soon as we get home from school, she HAS TO put one on.  She's got 5 or 6 (from here! the best shop! washable and dryable!) and just LOOOOVES them.

Yesterday she popped her Belle dress on after school and I thought we'd go do a quick little shoot in the backyard...cause Ro was feeling sparkly :)

Explaining to a 3 year old how to blow glitter is kinda tough!! But she eventually figured it out (it wasn't her first rodeo with it either...haha!) and only about half of it got in her mouth and down her dress (we had to immediately disrobe and go take a shower...which she hates, she's a bath preferred gal like her mama).

Anyways I just wanted to share these pics of Ro to add a little sparkle to your day!  Hope you're having a good one friends!!

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