Scooter & Annie

I mean, is he not the world's best most cooperative dog EVER??!!?!  Seriously, this Scoots of ours puts up with anything and everything and just cooperates!  He is the BEST.

So Annie is OBSESSED with dogs, especially her own, and will take any opportunity she has with a dog to pet and hug and kiss them!

Naturally when they were both on the couch (and lots of kissing was ensuing) I had to grab my camera and snap a few pics of them being, well adorable.

I feel like Scoots doesn't get as much lovin' 'round these parts as he use to...heck this blog is even named after him!  But even though he's getting older and we're getting busier (and more populated!), we still love our Scoots SO MUCH and are so thankful for each and every day we have with him...which hopefully he's got lots of time and energy and spunk left for us!

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