To The Zoo We Go!

What is absolutely WONDERFUL is that for the first time in 4 years August 1st has come and I DO NOT have to go back to work!

I am truly thankful EACH AND EVERY DAY for my new position and flexible hours and being able to teach online and the fact that I get to pickup and go to places like the Zoo whenever we want!  Seriously, SO FREAKING BLESSED.  Thanking my lucky stars and the big guy above each and every day for this setup.

So!  Today we decided to hit up the Zoo!  We haven't been in a hot minute and we decided to go first thing before it got too crowded, cause it was an absolutely gorgeous day (again!) and we knew it would get crowded FAST.

First thing we did was hit up the carousel -- Rosie (and now Annie's!) most favorite part!

They probably would have gone on this a billion more times if we'd have let them. HAHA!

We then decided to do the train, cause you can't go to the Zoo without doing the train, right?!?!

We did one loop and Annie was DONEEEEEE so we decided to say bye bye to the choo choo and go check out the polar bear, penguins, and sea lions!

But first we passed the mingos and Rosie was IN HEAVEN.

She even wore her Swanky Shank mingo shirt just for the mingos she was going to see! HAHA!

The polar bear was out for a bit then went adios so then we did get to see a big grizzly bear too so that was cool.

Then we went into the penguin house...and at this point it was getting CROWDED.

Patrick was asking for a snack every 3 seconds at this point so we decided we'd go see one more thing (sea lions!) and then head to IMOS to get some pizza for lunch before siesta time (allll around!).

We had to stop and get drinks at every.single.drinking.fountain. we passed. HAHA!

The sea lions were my fave and I would have had a snappin' DREAM of a day if we were the only ones in there but alas, it was PACKKKKKEDDDD so these were the best I could get with the crowds and some creative cropping and photoshop action. HAHA!

Anyways, after the sea lions we bid the Zoo farewell...

...not before running into some friends first!  I swear we run into Lindsay and her gang everywhere!

Anyways, the Zoo was a blast for the few hours we were there buy my crew was definitely DONE so off we went to grab some pizza and then home for naps.

The kiddos were SO GOOD today for our adventures and days like this make me want to take them to alllll of the places when they are so well behaved!  Mothersucking me in for sure! HA!

All in all a great day was had and I am loving my new schedule SO MUCH already!!

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