Thursday Morning Giggles

Oh these two just slayyyyy me!

They both picked out their own outfits this morning and asked (!!!) for me to take their pics so duhhhh, I happily obliged.  Still waiting on pins and needles for when that asking and compliance to mom here's photog antics is gonna end.

Anywhoooo, they were looking like two little rainbows this morning and SOOO giggly I just couldn't stop snappin' pics of them in that Thursday morning sun!

Patrick did a few jumps for me then Rosie ran in and another tickle fest ensue.

All in all this little photoshoot took like 3 minutes but I am just swooning over these snaps we got! I sure hope they brought a smile to your Thursday! 

I've got a busy weekend full of lots of snappin' in store (and hopefully another birth and maybe a Fresh 48 or two too!!) and I cannot wait.  I truly have realized this past week that I am LIVING MY DREAM JOB and I could not be any happier.  A post on that will come later I'm sure :)

Have a great one friends!!

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