Weekend Roundup

Patrick is 3 days deep into Kindergarten and FREAKING LOVES IT.  Snapped this gem walking with him to school on Friday and he just couldn't stop talking about everything he's been doing and his new friends and what he gets for lunch and gah! He just loves it.  I hope hope HOPE he never loses this love for going to school.

So while Patrick was at school on Friday the girls, Mike and I had some fun playing at the park!  Well, first after the girls loved on the new world map rug we got!

Ro's style and posin' game have never ever been better.  Gosh I want her confidence!  And Annie is the easiest going happiest 18 month old you'll ever meet!  Loved this Friday morning adventuring with my favorite little ladies!

So Patrick is alllll about the shower life (which is probably good cause it gets a little squashed in there with all 3 of them!) so my bath snaps lately are severely limited to just the girls but I doubt you are upset about that -- they make pretty cute subjects, don't they?!

Saturday I had a 24 hour girls' weekend (or girls' day??!) planned but wasn't leaving until lunch time soooooo had some fun with the kiddos before I left!  And we've officially discovered that Annie (as well as the other ones!) are addicted to suckers! HAHA!

Golly aren't they cute?! And do they ever love those suckers!! HAHA!

So off to Girls' Weekend I went after some Saturday morning playtime and OH BOY WHAT FUN WE HAD.  And truly, despite being 11.5 weeks preggo and not able to drink (cause that's usually our baseline for these weekends: WINE CONSUMPTION) it was still a BLAST!  We walked around Main Street St. Charles (which there was actually a big festival going on so lots to do!), ate lots and lots of yummy food, got pedicures, did brunch Sunday morning, and talked about any and everything.  These weekends are just the BEST and so freaking refreshing!!

And I shockingly didn't take a ton of pics (WHATTT?!?!?) cause sometimes what happens on girls' weekend stays on girls' weekend :)

Sunday morning I went to pick the kiddos up (they stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's since Mike had to work) and discovered they got the new (to them!) swingset put up!

Patrick is pretty darn good on the monkey bars -- of course he went across no problem and then when I went to record him NOPEEEEEE couldn't make it across again! UGH!  Oh well, I'm sure he'll get it soon!

We then went home for lunch (after promising them they could go back and play when we went back for dinner) and naps and I think everyone fell asleep!

Well Patrick I don't know if he did but I sure did and the girls did and Mike was obviously on his 'night of sleep'.  Gosh that nap felt SO GOOD.

We then went back to the Mooneys for Sunday dinner (and to do my birthday celebration!!) and the kids got some more playtime on the new swing-set while I snapped Lily's 9 month pics before we ate dinner.

Annie clearly did not want to go inside for dinner...but her tears were short-lived cause I bribed her with her new beloved treat and all was well in the world again.

When it was time to go it was veryyyyy clear that Patrick was tired and didn't get a nap cause he threw another epic tantrum (kinda like the one he threw after his first day of school) and he quickly realized that he can't act like that or loses things...like a show before bedtime.  Hopefully these will start to space out and be far and few between once we get settled into the back to school routine...HOPEFULLY.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for this nice little Sunday night roundup!  I'll leave you with these two snaps of Ro :) Have a great week!!!

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