A Light Dusting

Seriously.  That's what it did today: a light dusting of snow.

Like not even an inch.  Maybeeeeee half an inch.  Maybe.

But, that's all it needs to do to get Patrick so hyped up to play in the snow and literally that is ALLLLLLL he talks about and focuses on until he can get out there.

No amount of reasoning or explaining that it's not really the type of snow you play in (yuck so dirty and muddy on the not frozen ground underneath) gets through to him: he sees the white stuff and wants to gooooooo gooooooo gooooooo.

When Mike and I picked him up from school it was snowing (again, read: light dusting) and he could not stop talking about getting home and putting on his boots and gloves and playing in the snow ASAP.  He kept telling Annie they were going to play in the snow and it was going to be the best day everrrrrr (side note: Rosie is on a girls' trip in DC this week so she missed out on this snow fun...but if the November 12th early snow is any indication of how this winter is gonna go I'm sure it's not going to be the last we see of the white stuff.

They seriously couldn't get out there fast enough.  And in super appropriate snow gear (oops.) -- but they didn't seem to care -- they both were loving playing in the 'dusting' we got so naturally Debbie Downer here decided to embrace their good time and grab my camera and snap some pics of the kiddos enjoying the winter weather.

Completely carefree and enjoying that dusting to the fullest.  Gosh I should take some advice out of their innocence and really enjoy every little thing -- even a dusting of snow.

Now, I have to add these in too....we tried to get some pics of Scoots in the snow and can't you just tell he HATED IT?!  Poor old man, he was NOT having it at all.  He wanted back inside the warm and dry house onto his spot on the couch ASAP.  HAHA!

HEHEHE, oh Scoots!  You tolerant old pup!  How we love you so!

And I'll leave you with these pics of Annie and Mike -- gosh they make my heart melt.  She wouldn't smile at all for me but would for Patrick being silly and dancing behind me.  Oh Annie girl, always keeping me on my toes!!

If you got some snow today I hope you enjoyed it as much as these guys did.  I'm not going to lie I was so irritated when it started falling but now, sitting here writing this up and seeing the joy in their faces from playing outside makes me happy it did snow today.  Trying to find the little good things in everyday like these guys are.  Constantly learning from my littles each and every day.

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