Wayyyyyy back in the summer on our European Adventures we met up with my dear friend Jessica and her family in London (and did a quick little photo shoot as well!) -- we had been internet buddies for years and FINALLY we were able to meet in person!

It was so wonderful and truly one of the highlights of our trip.  She was one of the first people I texted just a week or so later when we got back and found out Clark was on the way.  She was so excited for us -- we came back from Europe with a stowaway!  I had actually bought a few onesies in Europe justtttttt in case we did come back and find out we were pregnant and then had started to stockpile some very "London" blankets and outfits since that's where Clark first came to us.

Well, fast forward 5 months and now we are here missing our little guy, missing that little piece of London we brought back with us, and alllllllll of the emotions and feelings that go with it.  Jess has been so wonderful these past weeks -- always texting me the most perfect things, things I needed to hear and hear again.  I do hate how far apart we are but dearly LOVE her and the technology that allows us to stay instantly connected, despite being thousands of miles apart.

Jess sent the best care package this week for us (actually she was so smart and sent it with her partner Tom on his trip to the US and had him mail it to us from here and saved a ton of transit time and shipping costs! So smart!) and it arrived yesterday and was just perfecttttt.  It had chocolates, tea for Mike, a custom write-on eye mask for Patrick, the most perfect shirt for Clark's corner/memory box, dog treats for Scoots, and these AMAZINGGGGGG unicorn outfits for the girls!

This morning the girls just HAD to put them on and literally haven't taken them off since!  So duh, I had to get out my camera and snap some pics of my little unicorns as they played.  And some are in black and white too furthering my eternal struggle of what I like better: color or black and white.  HAHA!

This pic KILLS ME -- Annie peering through the blinds is just so perfect.  Rosie looking unamused.  It's the best!!

Golly aren't they the cutest?! And these outfits are just AMAZING -- so perfect.  I love seeing them in them and they remind me instantly of my dear friend and her wonderfulness and support she's given us during this time.

Mike grabbed my camera and had me get in some pics with my little unicorns and I'm loving that he did that -- really trying to be IN FRONT of the camera a bit more (that isn't a selfie) and this was just perfect.

Anyways, just wanted to share a little story and some magical unicorn snaps with you all today.  Hope everyone has a great (hopefully short!!) work week and a wonderful Turkey Day!

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