Love What Matters

I got contacted a few days ago to share my story.  Clark's story.  Our story.

The website Love What Matters wanted me to write my story and share my pictures (a million thanks to our photog Victoria at Fresh Pine Photography again for capturing these for us) about Clark's birth.

And I did just that.

It was the hardest yet most uplifting thing to write: I love sharing his story.  I love talking about him.  Yes, it makes me sad and grieve for our little boy who is no longer with us, but it keeps him alive in us, in our hearts.  So I will continue to share his story loud and proud as the days go on and we are further from holding him in our arms.

 Click the link below to read the story from Love What Matters and feel free to share it as well...because that is what we want to keep doing: sharing his story and hopefully others will see too that it is okay to talk about loss, okay to share about sadness, and they are not alone in their grief for their children that they can no longer hold in their arms but in their hearts.

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