Down on the Farm

Patrick got a new toy and he is officially OBSESSED with it.  It's simple but super cool and he's been playing with it alllllll morning long!

He calls it his "farm" but it's called The Field Toy and is from this awesome company from Ireland!  Which you all know how near and dear anything Irish is to our Mooney hearts over here 😉

But it is a super cool toy that really allows for kiddos to use their imagination to play with!  It comes with some animals, a fence and a tractor but I love that you can totally bring in your own toys to add to your farm field as well!

He's made up little games and scenarios with his field and it is just the cutest thing to listen to him play with.  I'm sure his sisters are going to love playing with it as well!

What I realllllllly love about this is that it's basically set up and good to go right out of the box (woot!!) and the green field grass is lifelike BUT doesn't shed (this is huge -- I don't have time to be cleaning up little fake grass particles all day long!) so that's super awesome.  Lifelike but stays intact!

Patrick really enjoyed playing with this and I'm sure will continue to enjoy it as the winter days set further in and we are inside more.

If you'd like to snag one of these, check out The Field Toy at their links below!  We LOVE THEM!

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