Fall into Winter

Earlier this week we had a light dusting of snow and Patrick thought it was the BEST THING EVER.

He and Annie had a blast playing in the not even 1/2 an inch of white stuff on the ground.

Welp, the weather called for a much bigger snow storm Wednesday night into Thursday and we were suppose to get 6+ inches!  WOOOOOOOT! (Well for Patrick...I'm still holding on to fall!) -- so with that in mind, I knew the last bit of fall was probably on the way out so Wednesday morning before I took Patrick to school we snapped a few pics of him outside...in his new hat that he absolutely HATED when I bought it for him but then changed his tune and now loves because it looks like a fighter pilot's hat! HAHA!

I'm sooooo biased but golly he's cute!!  His hat is amazing and it's my new favorite accessory of his. And I just love the fall colors hanging on desperately in the background of these pics.

SOOOOOOO, with this last little bit of fall foliage on display, in came the snoooooooowwwww!  And man we got a ton, and for November 15th it was definitely an early and memorable one!

Patrick had his first official Kirkwood School District snow day so we had to make the best of our day home together while daddy slept...because ^^^ for some reason they don't give the police department snow days!! HAHA!

First off, I snapped one of my favorite family's holiday pics (see here) -- they turned out SO GOOD.  I love that it was legit snowing their entire session!  And this was my first session officially back after Clark's arrival and damn it felt so good to get out and snap.  I have another one this Sunday and then I am officially BACKKKKK to work next Monday with oodles of sessions (and 3 births! WOOT!) planned for the remainder of the year.  I cannot wait.  I've missed it so much and it is such a positive outlet for me to channel my energies into.

Anyways, so after I finished up with that fam's pics, out came Patrick and Annie (and Mike for a bit!) to play in the snow!!  Rosie is still YOLO-ing it up in DC with Kate this week so I'm sure she'll get some snow fun when she returns.

Literally the only pics I took in the 3 minutes I had my camera out -- it was snowing pretty good and getting my camera wet and I didn't want to chance having it out any longer.  So no sledding pics or anything playing with our wonderful neighbors...use your imaginations for what those were like.

And this gem from when they thought I was taking a pic. HAHA!

We had a great rest of the day with potato soup for lunch, hot cocoa for Patrick and I, and naps all around until the kiddos got up (well P never slept...haha!) and played in the snow some more before dinner while I got some work done.  Definitely a great snowday and one for the memory books!

I hope everyone else around STL (and heck, if it snowed where you are!!) had a great day and stayed nice and warm and dry! 

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