13 Weeks 🌈

Just ONE more week till the second trimester! CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

This pregnancy truly is FLYING by.  And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't grateful for that...I want it to sail by, keeping with the good reports I've been having, and get us to November to meet this sweet little rainbow babe.

Rosie is clearly SO EXCITED for this new babe!!

I had an appointment with Dr. Jen and another ultrasound on Thursday and it all went well!  Baby is still measuring perfectly, looked wonderful on the ultrasound again, was kicking and moving up a storm -- I'm betting in the next couple of weeks I'll start feeling some flutters!!  Dr. Jen said we'll set my c-section date sometime in between 37-39 weeks, and we'll set that after my 19 week anatomy scan in July.  So that's exciting.  I cannot believe we're getting close to that point!  I see her again next week for an appointment and hopefully she'll pop in the ultrasound machine again too to take a peek :)

Not much else to report other than I am like 99% convinced this is a girl (look up nub theory at 12 weeks...cause this babe is spot on for a girl for that!! but those are obviously 'theories' and can be wrong too...but, just mentioning it cause my old wives tale of high heart rate has been true for all 4!! And this babe's HR is always above 170s!!) and I'm back to feeling nauseous and such A LOT.  I'm also SUPER tired and literally wake up every morning craving a nap!  HAHA! But I'm so loving my schedule and making it that I can usually work in a nap almost every day so yay for that.

Anyways, I'll leave you with a few bump snappies from this week...and then my lovely predictions!  Onto week 14 and the second trimester friends! WOOT!!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Baby is the size of...McDonalds fries
Cravings?Pizza rolls with chocolate milk
Overall mood?Tons of nausea (is back!); so tired!
Rings on or off?ON!
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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