Patrick's 6th Birthday Party

This big guy of mine turned six last Thursday and then a couple days later we got to have his birthday party!!! 

I do want to add on Friday we got to enjoy his Bugz kindergarten musical at his school...and I know this post is suppose to be about his party but I couldn't not add a bit about his musical in here too!!

He was SO INTO IT (how awesome was his bee costume NeeNee made?!?!) and was just adorable singing his songs and what not with his class!  The girls loved seeing him perform too.

We snapped a few pics with our favorite bee afterwards and then we headed home and Patrick got to enjoy the rest of the school day!

Okay!  Onto the party!

So my most favorite thing is to have parties NOT AT MY HOUSE.  I don't know what it is, but a switch has flipped and hosting things are just not my jam and PARK PARTIES ARE WHERE IT IS AT!

Patrick and Rosie's spring birthdays are just perfect for park parties, so we'll probably be having them at a park for the foreseeable future.  With Annie and this new babe being in colder months I'm going to have to get creative where we have them but I don't want them at my house if I can help it.  They're just so much easier ELSEWHERE.

We got to our favorite park about an hour early to setup and such, and Rosie clearly was more concerned with blowing all of the petals off of the dandelions rather than helping...or playing.  So I embraced it and snapped a few pics of her doing it.  Gosh she's so darn cute.

Once we got everything setup and ready to go (kept it dogs and chips and cake! so easy!!) the kids ran around and played until their friends and family got there!

Now I regret not taking more playing pics...but, holy cats...there were SO MANY KIDS AT THE PARTY!

Seriously.  SO SO SO many!  But it was awesome and everyone seemed to have a blast.  Plus the weather was great!

After we had dinner, the kids played for a bit before we did presents and cake...and this was clearly the best part for everyone.

Spiderman cake for our Spidey loving guy!  He had just a blast with his buddies and got some of the best gifts (so many toys!!) -- he's already dove into getting a lot of them out to play his Spidey costume! haha!

After cake and presents, the kids went back off to play in the park...and this is where I totally slacked and didn't take ANY pics of the kids playing!  OOPS!  But man, mama here got some chit-chattin' in with some of her friends so I guess it was worth the picture sacrifices.

Anyways, Patrick just had a wonderful 6th birthday party.  I still am in a bit of denial that he is SIX -- where oh where has the time gone!??!  He seems so old and like such a big kid now.  I cannot believe he's only got a few weeks left of kindergarten!! GAH!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week!  If you're in the midwest: stay dryyyyy!

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