That Backyard Light

The big kids are still at their vacation home (gosh livin' the life this Memorial Day weekend!) so when Annie and I got home from uncle Brian's birthday dinner (Mike was still there finishing up some stuff from helping his dad with they started earlier in the afternoon), I got her out of the car and she said, "Go take pictures?"  UM OKAY.  Twist my arm, okayyyyyy girlfriend.  You want me to go take pics we can.  Of course she wanted Purple Bunny to come too and fine, easy concession to get her to willingly snap some pics!

It was about 6:30pm and the light in the backyard (which I haven't snapped in in FOREVER it seems) was GORGEOUSSSS so out we went!  But first putting on one of her dresses we got for her in Hawaii.

Welp, she ROCKED IT.  Gosh she is so darn cute!

We had to sneak in a shot with Purple Bunny too...clearly... ;-)

I love how you can see her name on his ear too!

And then I had to snap a few pics with my iPhone...just to do this.  I LOVE my iPhone and LOVE taking pics with it, but I've said it before: it's got NOTHING on my big camera!  And this just proves it.  I love the left pic but if I had to choose, I'd pick the right alllllll day long.  Plus I could blow the right up like wall size and there would be ZERO quality lost...the left would be grainy as can be!  So just a little photog PSA: your iPhone is great for pics, but if you're wanting professional quality ones, have a photog do them ;-)

Welp that's all I've got for this little Memorial Day post! I hope every had a great long weekend...enjoy your shortened work week friends!!

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