Mother's Day 2019

This was a tough holiday...and I'm gonna repost what I shared on social media this morning:

3 by my side, 1 in my belly, and 1 keeping watch over us from above. My 5, my babies who have all made me a mama and who all have had such a tremendous impact on me, however short of a time I’ve gotten to carry them in my belly or snuggle them in my arms. It’s bittersweet celebrating this holiday, as I feel like I will always be missing one. But I take peace in knowing he’s so alive in his brother and sisters and we get little glimpses of him here with us every single day. And I know this new babe has a little part of Clark in him/her too 💙 So as tough as some holidays are, I am forever grateful to my crew, my 5. They’ve taught me so much about life and loss and love and how to harness all of that to be a better person, and the best mama I can possibly be.

Happiest of Mother’s Days my friends.

I cannot reiterate all of that ^^ enough.  Bittersweet, tough, but also so incredibly grateful too.  Miss that sweet little Clark man each and every day.

With that said, today was great -- but that sweet little boy never seemed far from my mind, wondering how today would have been different had Clark been here with us...

I was woken up this morning by the sweetest three kiddos to pancakes!

They got up early once Mike got home and worked hard (in their cute little hats and aprons!) to make me breakfast.  They were just the sweetest!  Also managed to get a snap of all three of them together too which was great :)

Patrick gave me his presents he made at school too...

...and goodness they just melted my heart!  I love that he says my job is a 'photog' -- he knows me tooooooo well!

Rosie took the first pic, Patrick took the second! Man I love how they love taking pics...and I even got in the front of some of them today!

Mike then went to bed and the kids and I headed off to my parents house to play and hangout until NeeNee got home from her weekend trip and we had a nice little lunch with her.

I told the kiddos all I wanted for Mother's Day was a once we got home from NeeNee's that's exactly what we all did!  I didn't sleep too stupid allergies have been going crazy all weekend long (praying I can get back on my meds soon!!) and I just was having a hard time breathing and falling asleep.  But it was so nice to relax for a bit!

Once I got up Patrick and I busted out his putty making kit and we had a great time making some new putties for him to play with!

We then woke everyone up about 4:30 and packed in the van to go to the Mooneys for a pizza dinner and some family snaps!  We have taken a springish family pics the past like 7 years so DUH!  Had to take some tonight too!

The entire crew, and the grandparents and grandkids!!  

I also snuck in family snaps for Erin and Curtis and Matt and Katie too...that was fun!  Good thing you couldn't tell how freaking wet the ground was...we were sinking in!! UGH!

Anyways, I love how these came out :)

I did sneak in a few pics of my kiddos too...Rosie was OBSESSED with twirling in her 'twirly' dress today too!

After we had a great dinner and ice cream cake (the best! DQ!!) and had grandma open some prezzies, we headed home for baths and bed...and Annie was clearly MY MOOD.

And friends, that's all I've got for this little Mother's Day 2k19 recap!  I hope all of the mamas out there had a great day!  Excited for the week ahead...another birth due anyday, Fresh 48, newborn, and oodles of family sessions! CANNOT WAIT!  Have a great one friends!

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