Patrick is army obsessed.

Like, anything army related, he is alllllll over it. He brings home library books each week that are army themed, loves watching army YouTube videos, talks about joining the army...EVERYTHING.  The dude is totally into army.

This past weekend there was a WWII day at Jefferson Barracks that my dad wanted to check out and asked if Patrick wanted to go with him. DUH!  Of course he Patrick suited up in his army camo and off they went!

They had a BLAST!  Kudos to my dad for snapping all of these pics...I'm actually super proud of him that he came back with one let alone like 10+!  WOOT! 

He said Patrick was a hit in his outfit and got to go up and on a lot of the equipment and tanks and such because of what he was wearing.

Anyways, they had a really good time (I'm sure my dad is loving having another WWII buff/army obsessed guy around!) and I'm sure cannot wait for next year!!

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