14 Weeks 🌈

Well hello there second trimester!  So good to see you again!!  And I feel like my belly has gone HELLLOOOO too this past week cause holy big baby bump Alex!

My next appointment is this Thursday with Dr. Jen -- I'm sure I'll ask her to roll in the portable ultrasound just to take a peek again because paranoid polly over here is so worried that something is going to develop in between ultrasounds and gahhhh.  I just hate NOT seeing that little bean on the screen!!  I mean, this helps A TON at home...

But I like to see that babe too.  Because I do very much remember saying how nice it was to hear Clark and surely that meant everything was alright with him and we very much know now that wasn't the case.  Baby can sound fine but look not so much...therefore, a little sneak is what I want to see!!!

This past week I feel like the nausea has definitely been way less (yahoooooo!) but the tiredness is SO BAD.  Like I fantasize every.single.day. about taking a nap and when I can catch 30 minutes of shut eye.  It's wild.  I'm hoping that second trimester 'boost of energy' is around the corner quick cause I would SO LOVE to feel it right about now.  So thankful I make my own schedule 90% of the time and can work in naps! haha!

Not much else to report this week...other than I swear I have felt a few times the teeniest of tiniest little flutters!!  Which when I read back to 14 weeks with Rosie I noted that in there too so I am totally convinced I have felt something!  Anxious for those to get stronger and stronger and more frequent as the weeks go on!

Okay!  That's all I've got!  WAIT.  Had to include this: little bump collage from weeks 4 - 14.

Here's 14 weeks with Rosie, Annie, Clark and #5. HOLY BELLY NOW batman!

Okay now I'm done :) Here's a few notes from week 14, the past posts from the previous kiddos (still major regret not documenting ANYTHING with Patrick's pregnancy. UGH. SO MUCH REGRET!) and onto week 15 friends!  Have a good one!!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Baby is the size of...Lemon
Cravings?Anything with peanut butter
Overall mood?Nausea is better, SUPPPPER tired
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?teeniest of tiniest little flutter
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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