Napping Away the Week...

I dream of taking an afternoon nap

Seriously.  This week that is all my little mind has been focused on: getting whoever is home down for a nap themselves and following suit with a nice little 30-90 minute (however long I've got before pickup!) siesta! And, they've been glorious.  ALL OF THEM!

I felt like I've been slacking lately on my blogging...and truthfully, I have.  I mean, I haven't even been THAT busy with shoots (this was kind of a down week which actually was okay cause NAPS HAPPENED) and honestly I've kinda been savoring in my down time I have now because things are gonna get insanely busy like anytime (currently have one mama being induced today and another probably going next week if not before...then another due a week or two after that! SO BUSY!) and it's just been nice to kind of do nothing.

I will say, I know I post about it in my weekly updates, but this pregnancy is just riddled with anxiety and nerves.  I keep telling myself everything is good and fine -- and it is -- but I cannot CANNOT shake the what ifs in the back of my head.  I have two appointments next week and two ultrasounds and I'm excited to see this bean but also TERRIFIED they are going to find fluid.  Or hydrops.  Or something that shouldn't be there.  And that just makes my blood pressure skyrocket and anxiety through the roof.  I truly cannot believe I'll be 12 weeks come Monday -- cause it does feel like it's flying by -- but I am just so anxious for every appointment and every week and just hope and pray everything continues to look perfect. 

So kind of a hodge podge post for ya...what we've been up to this week!!  First off, Patrick had his 6 year checkup this morning and dude is growing like a weed! I think he'll be tall enough (cause they measured him sans shoes!) to ride the 48" rides at Six Flags this summer which I'm sure he's SUPER jazzed about!

One of Patrick's new favorite things to do is dress Annie up in his clothes and have her go show us "Hey look! It's Patrick!" and it's the funniest thing EVER cause of how giant his clothes are on her!

Gosh they crack me up!!

So Patrick has baseball practice on Monday evenings and I found a new spot I'm going to offer twilight minis at and I am soooooo excited about it!  Hoping the weather holds out we'll be be doing one there in the morning!! WOOT!  I brought my camera to snap a few pics of the girls there earlier this week and they were mostly cooperative (thanks to the dandelions) to let me snap some pics of them.

Rosie clearly got into the dandelion blowing.  HAHA!

For Patrick's birthday he got a pair of rollerblades and has been DYINGGGGG to try them out.  So earlier this week he put them on (and I promptly ordered wrist guards and elbow and knee pads then!) with Mike to skate.  Oh boy.  Haha! He's got some practice to do!!

Earlier this week Mike was off so we had a rare daytime date (Annie tagged along!) to one of my most favorite restaurants: Favazza's!  Annie and I then decided we wanted to get ice cream at Ted Drewes afterwards and it truly was a perfect little Monday day-date with some of my favorite people.

We made Annie swear not to tell her brother and sister we went to lunch AND ice cream without them.  So far she hasn't spilled the beans :)

At Rosie's school there was a special "Moments with Mom" day that I got to enjoy and oh what a fun time I had with my biggest little lady!  I've been DYING over her analysis of me "Go to Target and buy stuff" cause it could not be anymore spot on.

She knows me tooooooo well, doesn't she?!??!  HEHEHE!!

Annie and I got a special date earlier this week too -- we hit up the pool for tot time!  

I swear I think that's her favorite thing to do -- and we will be doing a TON of it (at the outside pool!) this summer while the big kids are at camp! I cannot wait!!

We have been trying to do a lot more reading lately (with all of the kiddos!) and last night the kids picked our favorite Clark the Shark clearly I had to document it cause they love this book SO MUCH (I think Mike loves it the most!!) and it truly is such a cute book to read!

I have to make a special note of how much I love Annie's giggle.  I mean, I love ALL of my kids' giggles but I swear the 2 year old innocent little giggle is just the CUTESTTTTT!!!  Clearly Gramps was getting her to giggle so good the other day!

Gosh it's the cutesttttt!!

This past weekend we had a very special tree put in just for our Clark.  One of my dear friends got it for us last fall and we waited until the spring to put it in and I cannot wait to watch it grow and bloom!  The leaves are this pretty vibrant reddish/orange (just like his birthstone!!) and I cannot wait to watch them change this fall!!

It still boggles my mind most days that I have one daughter, let alone TWO!  But my goodness, these girlies are SO MUCH FUN.  They do stuff like this all of the time and it makes my heart just melt into a puddle!  I am so lucky to call them mine and I hope they never stop loving on each other like they do now!!

Gosh they just KILL ME!

Now, on the opposite side, they can be ohhhhh a little fiesty too.  Like Annie.  For some reason she did not want me anywhere near their nail salon fun the other day.  My goodness what did I do to upset her!??! AHAHHAAHA

SO SASSY!  But then, not even 10 minutes later, this is what she's doing to me!  Gosh, flips that switch so quick, doesn't she?!?!?

Anyways, that's about all I've got...gonna drop some random pics and videos from this week for ya to end with.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and happy {early} Mother's Day to all of my mama friends out there!!!

That's all I've got! Have a great one my friends!!!

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