19w2d Bumpdate

Oh hello little rainbow!!

This sweet little angel babe had an absolutely PERFECT 19 week anatomy scan.  Everything looks textbook perfect on this little one and everything checked out wonderfully: heart had all of its chambers, legs, arms, hands and feet looked perfect, head measured spot on, saw all lobes of the brain, bladder, stomach, kidneys...everything was in place, exactly where it should be without anything invading that shouldn't be there.

I gave the ultrasound tech, who I feel like I've become besties with (haha) the biggest hug and thanked her SO MUCH for the good news she's given us the past almost 14 weeks we've been seeing her.  It truly was a huge sigh of relief.

This little bean is growing away -- measured 10 ounces today and I'm sure will just keep going up from there!

I then had an appointment with Dr. Jen and she literally walked in and said, "I truly have nothing to talk to you about -- this kid looks perfect." And that was the best thing I could have heard from her!  Truly, was just the best best news, especially after stressing all morning (per usual) about this appointment.  I very VERY much remember how it felt to walk into Clark's 19 week appointment (which ironically was also on 19 weeks 2 days gestation) and feel very different.  So it was just a really REALLY great feeling that everything looks spot on with this baby and I HOPE it continues to go that way!

So I did get to tentatively set my c-section date! WOOOOOOT!!!  It has to be 'official' and confirmed, but we are looking at right at 37 weeks, so Monday, November 4th...which is less than 18 weeks away. OH MY GOSH.  I know it'll be here before I know it -- truly, 4 months from tomorrow! EEEKKKKKK!  Insane!!  I'd be lying though if I said I wasn't wishing away the next 4 months as fast as possible to usher in November as quick as I can get it here.

This onesie happened to come in the mail today from Swanky Shank and I think it was the most perfect greeting home from my appointment -- and to be able to wake Mike up and tell him how well it went.  We decided he needed to sleep instead of go (and since I had such good appointments since this one I wasn't AS concerned and demanding him being there...plus, dude NEEDS to sleep) and it turns out that was the right call.

When the kiddos got home from camp/up from their naps I decided to snap a few pics of them with their new little sibling's pics so I could use that to share an update on social media...if Facebook and Instagram would get their acts together and get working again!  They had been down ALL DAY and was super annoying that I didn't want to mess with something getting screwy so I waited until they were back working to share.

But aren't they so freaking cute?!?? I think they are SO EXCITED for their new sibling to come in the fall!!

Lastly, I want to add this pic...all 5 at 19/20 weeks...

Patrick, Rosie, Annie on the left, Clark and #5 on the right.  All at their anatomy scans.  And what's wild is you can really tell Clark had some issues at his because of how different he looks.  But I still cherish his ultrasound pics SO MUCH and am SO GLAD we have them of our sweet little boy.

Alrighty!  That's all for this lovely little 19w2d bumpdate!  Until Monday and 20 weeks my friends, adios!!!

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