Ahhhhh, another week under our belts and the time has seemingly slipped away from me and figured I owed you a little weekly roundup post.  Admittedly all I seem to focus on now is getting to a new Monday -- a new week of pregnancy with this little rainbow -- and that's really all in my sights.  I totally am wishing away the summer (I mean, it's working I guess?!?!? It's going to be August next week already! AHHHH!!!) and wanting to get the fall here ASAP so we can meet this kiddo in 14 weeks (from Monday!!).

Okay, so what have we been up to this week!?  Kinda a hodge podge of things...a lot of photoshoots for me (including a birth I justtttttt made it to!) and a lot of fun summery time things for the kiddos.  Patrick had his last week of summer camp this past week so everyone's got about 2.5 weeks left of summer before school starts!  With that, each of the kids are doing at least one fall activity (to add with my massively busy snapping schedule!!) -- Patrick is doing PSR and soccer, Rosie is doing dance and soccer, and I did go ahead and sign Annie up for dance too (same time as Rosie, conveniently!).  So it should be a super duper fun and busy fall 'round these parts....hopefully making the time sailllll by quickly!

Earlier last week the girls and I dropped Patrick off at camp and we headed to a special treat: Dunkin Donuts!

They clearly love themselves some donuts, just like their mama!  And those butternut donuts are my biggest craving it seems this pregnancy so I cannot get enough of them!

While P was at camp earlier this week the girls and I hit up an indoor playground -- well, it's basically a showroom for swingsets and such but they have open play a few times a week for kids to come and test out the equipment (that I promptly told them we'd never be able to afford. haha!).  The girls LOVED it and we'll definitely have to go back again!

One of the funniest things Patrick would do before camp everyday is 'dry off' -- aka run around and do this dance to dry off his sunscreen I just put on him before putting his shirt back on to get in the car.

Gosh he is such a hoot!!!

Rosie and I got some one-on-one time earlier this week too, which was a rare treat for us as it seems there's always another sibling with her!  We decided to meet our friends at their pool for tot time and Rosie was IN HEAVEN getting to play at 'a new pool'!!

She loved it SO MUCH and is begging to go back again...and bring her Papi and Annie too!  So we'll have to add that to our list in the next couple of weeks before school starts back up!

Speaking of swimming, the big kids have been ROCKING their swim lessons these past few weeks!  They have one week left and I totally think they're both ready for the next level.

We had spent a lot of time over at NeeNee and Gramps' AND Grandma and Papa's this past week and the kids got some serious playing in.  I think one of Patrick's favorite activities was playing ball with Gramps in the front yard (something I use to do!!).

Natural.  Except I need to switch him around and make him a lefty hitter like his mama! haha!

To wrap up the workweek, Mike had a happy hour to go to with his I decided to give him his new shirt that came in the mail that I was going to save for Christmas but JUST HAD TO give him now!

Yep. He LOVES it!  And got so many comments on it!  (linking it here if you're interested!)  So wish they had this in a onesie for #5! haha!

Anyways, while Mike went to happy hour the kiddos and I went to the pool for some twilight swimming before it closed and we grabbed a quick dinner on the way home before going to bed.

It was a fun (and exhausting!) way to end the week...but the kids had a blast so that's all that matters!

That about wraps up my weekly round up for you all!  I just realized Annie is going to be 2.5 next week (Thursday! OMG!) and I looked back and yep! Totally did a 2.5 post for Rosie and Patrick so I need to get on that for you for next week!

Anyways, that's all I've got!  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend friends!!!  I'll heave you with this shifty side eye shopping cart Annie snap for ya...and a slip-n-slide video from Patrick ;-)

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