4th Festivities

I was looking back at last year's 4th of July post and it's very similar to this year's -- 3 kiddos, pregnant with another one, super hot, yet lots and lots of family fun!  This year was tough though cause we were missing Clark...another holiday without him.  I don't think that'll ever get easier.  And it just sucks.  Ugh.

Mike surprised us the morning of the 4th with donuts!  The kids favorite.

After we scarfed down our festive themed donuts, we got the kiddos ready for the neighborhood parade!  Now usually I'm on the ball with coordinating outfits and bike/scooter decorations but I totally dropped said ball this year and yeah, life's been busy.  Sooooo, this is what we got:

Which I think still turned out cute!!!  Mike and I snuck in for a few pics with the kiddos too...we couldn't coordinate (nor had time!) to try and do a whole family timer-taken picture. haha

It.was.hot.  I was super sweaty.  I was not in the picture taking mood (truly!) so I don't have very many pics of the actual parade or festivities afterwards.  Oops.  It was just so icky out!  But the kids had a blast (we did too!) so that's all that matters, right?! RIGHT.

I did manage to remember to snap a pic with my buddy Robyn -- we always steal a pic together on the 4th so we had to keep the tradition going this year!

When we got home Mike went to siesta land and the kiddos and I played for a bit before heading out to lunch.  They made up a new game (that is maybe my new favorite. haha!) called "the sleeping game" and it was hysterical.  They just kept pretending to sleep!

Golly they are so funny!

Uncle Ben asked us to go to lunch and since IMOS was closed (boo hiss!) we hit up the next best (and closest) pizza place, MOD!

Everyone clearly loved it.

Patrick then went with Uncle Ben to a movie and the girls and I went home for naps!  It felt glorious.

When the girls got up E.T. was on and Annie was OBSESSED.

It was the cutest thing ever.

We then ate some delicious hot dogs for dinner and then headed off to a pre-fireworks party before heading to the park for the big show!

The kids had a blast running around with their cousins and just being silly.  Annie's hair was amazingly curly in the humid air and it was just the sweetest thing I ever did see.

When we got to the park it was unusually empty...I think the threat of thunderstorms kept people away.  But it never did rain so it ended up being the perfect evening cause the humidity seemed to have broken and the sun wasn't blaring down!

The kids are at an age where we don't have to watch/follow them an inch away so they loved running around and dancing and playing while the music played.

I showed Rosie this throwback video of her from 2017...

...and I was like "you need to recreate this." 

DONE.  She succeeded.  Her little booty shakin' dance videos are officially my favorite thing ever.

Yeah.  So freaking cute.

Eventually the kids were getting restless (2 hours of dancing can only hold their attention for SO long. haha!!) and this happened:

HAHA!  FINALLLLLLLY, after a super pretty sunset...

...it was fireworks time! WOOT!

Each kid firmly had one of our laps to sit in for pics and they just LOVED the show.  It got over about 10pm (SO LATE!!) and we had to haul it back to the car to get home so Mike could get to work and the kids could get to sleep.

This morning the kids got up when Mike got home and made me pancakes which was such a perfect treat! I feel so dead today (haha I am so out of shape!) but having those special Reese's Piece pancakes this morning was the perfect start to our day!  I've got a busy weekend of picture-taking and I'm looking forward to it after a couple of days without!

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!  Have a wonderful weekend friends!!!

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