21 Weeks 🌈

Don't you worry: it's been on my mind ALL WEEKEND LONG that my 21 week post with Clark was my last weekly post, as he arrived at 21w6d.  To say that hasn't been at the forefront of my mind recently would be a lie.  I want nothing more than for this babe growing in my belly to KEEP GROWING, for another 16 weeks, and we get to meet him/her all healthy and screaming on November 4th.

But it is SO HARD to put out of my mind what we went through at this exact stage with Clark last fall.  And I'm not sure if a week from now getting to 22 weeks, a point we never reached with Clark, will feel 'relief' or like 'okay, made it farther than with him, things will be okay' or if I'll continue to just have anxiety like crazy.  I'm sure it'll be the anxiety part.  And I'll be here to tell you allllll about it. HAHA!

Still on the boy train this week...I just feel SO BIG and I know I was huge with Clark (he was very fluidy though) I just have a feeling this kiddo is a boy now, even though so much pointed to a girl.  Mike and I are still completely at a loss for agreement on any sort of boy or girl names, so that's been fun.  HAHA!

I had to share this pic...one of my good buddies is due RIGHT before me (and chances are we'll have our babies just a day apart if our scheduled c-sections go as planned!) but she hasn't announced yet but we took a super cute bump pic the other night sooooooo I shared it anyways!  As soon as she announces I'll post the real pic.

Okay!  That's about all I've got...still feeling good, nausea is completely gone (and oh boy is the hunger and intense cravings for things RIGHT NOW set it!) and I'm not uncomfortable by any means YET but I feel like I'm getting there.  Dr. Jen is out of town this week (boo hiss) so I see the nurse practitioner on Thursday and then Dr. Paul and another big anatomy scan next Monday at 22 weeks.  Excited to see this kiddo on the screen again!  Hate to say I'm wishing the time away...but I AM.  Come on November!  Get here soooooon! Until 22 weeks friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Carrot
Cravings?Butternut donuts from Dunkin
Overall mood?Excited-to-anxious-to-excited-to-anxious
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?Lots of movement, getting more consistent and often!
Linea Nigra?Supppppper faint bellow belly button

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