Tuesday with Rosie

Ahhhhh, Tuesdays.

Sometimes you're so blah.

Today you weren't terrible...cause even though it's been super chilly we broke out and had some time playing in the backyard before dinner!

On Tuesdays Patrick is usually on a Tuesday afternoon adventure with KiKi and Annie is snoozing, so it's just me and Ro.  She wanted to play outside for a bit so I grabbed my camera and let her play!

Obviously I had to take some video too...cause, how cute is she??!?!

That golden hour sun, despite everything looking dull and drab really was just perfect today. 

It was cold but not too cold and Ro even ditched her jacket for a few snaps!

Anyways, no point to this post other than a photo dump (per usual!). HA! Hope you've enjoyed these Ro snaps!

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