Friday Bath

Legitimate question: are you sick of seeing my bath snaps yet?!!

I sure hope not...cause I cannot get enough of them!  I loooooooove capturing that fun, candid playtime of their nightly baths.  I crank up my shutter speed so I'm able to capture all of that crisp action of the water and movement and snapppppp away!

Patrick got some solo shots while the girls were finishing up dinner and I am LOVING these pics of my biggest kiddo and favorite little man!  He was totally game for any and all water play and I was just there to capture it!

He got so excited when his sisters got to come in and join in with him on the bubbly fun.

Anyways, just an early morning Saturday share of my favorite littles enjoying one of their favorite things to do everyday!

Have a great weekend friends!  And I'm sorry if these bath snaps seem've been warned I'm not done with doing them! HEHEHEHEHEHE!  Maybe I should off bath sessions to my clients' kids?! In swimsuits of course 😉

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