Annie's Taco 1st Birthday Party

Despite my OCD telling me WHY ARE YOU DOING HER PARTY BEFORE SHE'S ACTUALLY ONE, I pushed forward and did it anyways, a whole 5 days before she officially turns 1, and threw our littlest lady a first birthday fiesta!

I found her this oh so cute 'let's taco-bout my birthday' onesie from my faveo Swanky Shank and decided to do a taco-themed birthday party for her!  I ordered her a cake from a local bakery (both a smash cake for her and a cake for the party-goers), got a ton of ground beef and other taco fixins, straightened up the basement, put up a few pics and decorations, and sent out the invites for her big party!

Aren't those cakes CUTE??!?!

Anyways the big kids had their friends come too (we kept it small with just family + Polans and Moffats) and they had SO MUCH FUN playing together and running all over the basement and the ballpit!

Annie was so chill and go with the flow...enjoyed some ball pit time before lunch and was cake smash time!  If you remember from Rosie's 1st birthday, she HATED the cake smash.  I had higher hopes for Annie...

...and I was not disappointed! SHE LOVEDDDDD her cake so much!

She tore into that sucker and had no regrets.  My kinda girl.  I think she was too serious to smile, she was just focused on devouring that delicious cake!

After cake we did presents, which was a hoot...most of the kids (no, ALL OF THEM!) helped open presents and poor Mike and Annie were in the middle of it!  It was a free for all!  But adorable that they all were so into it and helping.

After presents the little kiddos (2017 kids! #cousins) played in the bouncy house for a bit before we all waved our white flags for naps and cleanups.

Annie had a BLAST -- I mean, I knew she would but it was clear how much fun she was having and what a great party she had!  We really have the best friends and family who spoil our kiddos not just with presents but with their friendships too!

Here are a few more party pics and videos from today.  Golly what a great party she had!  Here's to a few more days as an 11 month old...and a great party gettin' our littlest gal ready to turn the big O-N-E!

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