Giggles & Tears

First off, I want to direct you here -- cause that's what I did way early this morning and I still have goosebumps over what my incredible friend Robyn is doing for the sweetest little guy I've ever met, Michael.  She's giving him her kidney this morning and I am SO HAPPY for him and her and that I was there to snap their last meeting before he gets part of her!

Yesterday Patrick had a special Tuesday day-date with KiKi so it was just me and the girls home before Mike woke up.  As I said yesterday, I have been a wittle obsessed with my new lens and snap-snap-snappin' anything and everything that I can and the girls yesterday proved to be excellent subjects.

There were a lot of laughs, but also some tears too.

And you know what?! I kept snappin' through the tears cause, #REALLIFE my friends.

Happy one minute, sad the next...and back to happy again! HA! 'Tis the life with these two little ladies when their brother is away.  Rosie is downright obsessed with Annie and giving her lots of kisses and hugs (and feet in her face???) and I just kept snappin' away because I love love LOVE capturing that candidity of real life! (are you sick of hearing me say this yet??!?!)

Anyways, Patrick had a really long day with KiKi and he didn't come back until after baths, so the ladies had solo bathtime with just the girls!

They were having SO MUCH FUN.  We told Rosie to stop choke-holding hugging Annie and that it was time to get out, and...

SO MANY TEARS ENSUED.  Overtired, in the bath too long but not wanting to get out but really needing to, and that happened.  Rosie started crying and Annie followed suit cause that's how she rolls.

What's funny is I posted this in a FB photography group and it got quite the 'real life' OMG THIS IS MY LIFE TOO reaction...which I love!  Just tryin' to keep it real for everyone :)

I'll end this post on a happy note with a few chilly morning snaps of my favorite little guy.  Have a great one friends!

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