Ahhhh, the weekend has come and gone and school is back a'happenin.  I feel like that break and holidays whooshed by so incredibly fast...I blinked and BAM.  We are 1/3rd of the way through January and I'm starting to plan Annie's 1st birthday party (WHATTTTT!!!).

Anyways, we had a fun little weekend 'round these parts!  I had two photoshoots.  Thankfully one was a newborn and nice and warm inside...the other was outside on one of the coldest days we've had thus far!  That fam was some TROOPERS for dealing with that cold and elements! BRRR! I love how their snaps turned out though.

Speaking of snaps, I had my camera out A LOT this weekend!  Obviously I shared some dragon's breath snaps, but I took Patrick out Saturday morning to see if we could do some frozen bubble pics.  They were a flop, but still cute pics, huh!?!?! 

I have been all about my #MooneyCandid365 project lately and most of the snaps I've taken have been with my big camera!  I definitely am feeling the lack of photo shoots BUT I kinda love it cause I'm getting so many more snaps of my own kiddos in!  I am really trying to stick to my resolution to only do ONE photo shoot a day so I am not killing myself like I did this fall and making sure I have oodles of time for my family stuff.

Just a random splattering of pics of my adorable (so biased!!) kiddos from our weekend.  I think my 365 project has rubbed off on me even more because I'm totally looooooving the candid snaps and not the posed ones I usually try (and unsuccessfully!) and these ones are just so much better than posed.  I really REALLY am trying to emphasize that to my photog clients this year.

Patrick was snugglin' up on Scoots last night and I just HAD to capture it -- it was the sweetest moment and I cannot decide if I like the color or black and white better...so you get to see both!  Golly that boy loves that dog so much.

I took Annie to the doc last week.  Something had been nagging me for a while and I decided to get her checked out.  Long story short: she is crawling all over like crazy!  She's also SUPER DUPER flexible (like way more than the other 2 ever were!)...and she's short, definitely not growing length wise like the older two!  And, the big thing: she won't stand (supported or not) and won't bear weight on her legs.  This all was weird to me and I wanted her doc to see her.

The gist: Annie did grow a bit from her 9 month appoitnment and is in the 50% for height now. So that’s good! Her doc checked her joints and reflexes and everything looks good. She said she is super flexible but not concerningly because her muscle tone is good. She said she is definitely behind with not being able to bear weight and stand and support herself. However, she did say she could refer us to ortho/neuro for a consult...but suggests (and I agree with this!) that since we’ll be back in a month for her 1 year to wait and encourage her and work with her on pulling up and standing...so that’s what we’re going to do! Wait for another month and hope she’s just a turtle on the big motor skills like her big sister was. She said she’d be more concerned if we didn’t have a family history (cough cough Rosie) of slow movers. And that is a good point. So let’s hope Annie starts standing and bearing weight and this was all for nothing ☺️ . But I do feel much better that I didn't wait and let this keep bugging me and that we can work with her to stand and pull up and support herself!  I'm sure she's just going to be a turtle like her big sis.

So my phone fell off the couch while I was nursing Annie and Patrick picked it up, unlocked it (#genius), and I thought he was just playing on it but instead he went into the camera, threw this warm-y filter on, and snapped this pic of Annie and I and it makes me just meltttttttt on so many levels!  GAH!  Patrick!  What a snap dude!

If you follow me on social media I got a new profile pic.  Nice snap Mike!  I sure love all of my camera gear OH SO MUCH.  I just want to hug it all all of the time! HAHAHAHA

We celebrated my father in law's belated birthday this past weekend and the 2017 kids were having the time of their lives, clearly.  They loved hangin' in the vintage playpen!  Mike actually used this when he was a baby!  SO VINTAGE!

We also celebrated my grandpa's would have been 89th birthday with a good chunk of my mom's side this weekend too!!  Gosh I love getting together with my family! 

Meanwhile, during the family party Rosie snuck off to go potty and decided to play makeup with NeeNee's stuff because this is new and her mama here doesn't own any of that!  Haha!  I need to get her some kid makeup for her birthday in April!

Random weekend snaps ^^^

Other than that, not much else a'happened this weekend!  We (read: ME) are slowly getting back into our school and daily routines and such now that break is over and we're back to the grind.  I'm already counting down the days until spring break (read: DISNEY WORLD!!) and then our Europe trip in June!  Us teachers gotta have something to look forward to!

Anyways, that's all I've got for you today...have a great one my friends!

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