Cabin Fever.

First off, it’s the 13th of January and this is my 12th post...which, HOT DANG.  2018 is off to a blazin’ bloggin’ start! GO ALEX!  I’m sure it won’t keep up, cause I’m in a bit of a snappin’ lull...but for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed my over postin’ for this year thus far.

Okay!  So today: cabin fever definitely set in.  How I wished it was a smidgen warmer when I got up so I could take the kids to the park to play and burn off some energy...instead, it was barely 15 degrees out so inside cooped up we stayed.  The kids are troopers, I’ll tell you that.  They enjoy playing and watching movies and doing all sorts of inside things and don’t complain at all!  But oh how I’m longing for spring (especially since the holidays are over!) so we can get out! Heck, even SNOW would be nice so they’d have something outside to play in!

Anyways, I got a new lens this week and I’ve been itchin’ to snap as much as I can (I had this shoot later in the day that I used it with too!) so I busted it out to break up the monotony of cabin fever that has inevitably set in.

I had a friend comment on my ball pit snaps earlier this week that she's diggin' my style...darker, film-y, and rustic looking and I LOVE that someone has noticed and commented on it! I really LOVE it too and feel like I've found my style and don't think it's going to be going anywhere any time soon.

Anyways, I love these snaps...they were a lot of lifestyle, what's happening here and now, and just documenting what the kiddos were doing.  I LOVE doing that and try and do that as much as I can now -- whether it be when I'm snappin' my own kiddos or on a photo shoot!  I love how they show Patrick's personality, Annie's inquisitiveness, Rosie's playful nature, and Scooter just being SCOOTER!

I hope you've enjoyed this gigantic photo dump...I just love these snaps and what they are showing and thought you would too!  Have a great one friends!

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