Ball pit

Ahhhh, the ball pit.

I said this on Instagram and I'm gonna say it here too: the ball pit has been the gift that keeps on giving. Almost 4 years in and these bulk-ordered ball pit balls have been the best toy investment everrrrr.  Seriously!  The kids LOVE it and *knock on wood* it hasn't lost its luster and appeal (yet!).

What's funny is that both of the big kids weren't huge fans of the ball pit when they were Annie's age.  Patrick got it for his first birthday gift and was TERRIFIED.  Rosie hated it until like a year ago.  But Annie girl?!  SHE LOVES IT.

Speaking of Annie, guess what this chick did tonight...

She stood up on her own! OOOOOHHHH EMMMMM GEEEEEE! I cannot believe it!  I mean, I stood her up, but dang nabit she stood there by herself on her own supporting herself for 10+ seconds! YAYYY! This is HUGE and makes me feel so good about her motor skills progress. Go Annie girl gooooo!

TWO times tonight I didn't have my camera...once, Patrick asked to take pics and BAM.  I LOVE what he captured:

And the second time I was in the ball pit playing with the kiddos and Mike came down and snapped some pics and omg, I'm loooooving what he captured!

It is so nice to be on the other side of the lens every once in a while. *cough cough* Mike, if you're reading this, it's okay to be the photog (or dadtog!) and get some snaps with mama in them every now and again :)

Welp friends, that's all I've got for you tonight!  Everyone stay warm (it was 62 this morning and it's now 22 out! WHATTTT!!) and have a great's ALMOST here!

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