Swanky Shank

It's no secret 'round these parts that I fall in love with kids clothes and go a wittle crazy about them because my biasedness (made that up!) and mom goggles doesn't allow me to not think my kids are freaking adorable in anything they wear.

Anywho, back in November I came across this brand, Swanky Shank and FELL IN LOVE. I placed an order to give the kids for Christmas and soon realized they were located in Chesterfield (!!!) like all of 20 minutes away from us!  YAY LOCAL!  (pssst: the donut shirt Rosie has on in this post is from them!)

So naturally I joined their "Club Swank" for 2018 to get discounts and what not and, of course, I couldn't stop there.

I posted a pic of Ro in their donut shirt and then reached out to their owner and said if they need any snaps to give me a shout, I LOVE taking product shots!

Welp, turns out they were looking for photogs for their products and asked if I wanted to be considered...so duh, of course I did!  They sent me some of their new Swank in honor of the upcoming winter Olympics (see here and here) and I got to snappin'!

Gigantic photo dump! I'm sorry!  But I just had to share some of these snaps I did for them!  Even if this turns out to be a one-and-done thing for them, it won't stop my love for these designs.  They are just SO DARN CUTE!  Definitely check them out and prepare to fall in love...seriously, so cute!

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