Sunny & 65

I was suppose to have a newborn shoot this afternoon but due to some sickness (not on my end!) we had to postpone...welp, that turned out to work out just fine!

I grabbed the big kids from school and we ran to the mecca to grab a few last minute things for Annie's party on Saturday.  They truly were excited to go!

SEE?! Ro was so excited!

And she totally left her sunnies out THE ENTIRE TIME we were there and it was freaking hilarious.

Anyways, once we got home and we got the groceries and stuff unloaded, Mike and Annie both got up so we decided to play outside for a bit cause HELLLLLLLLLOOOO 65 degrees in January!

So the big kids are obsessed with pushing Annie in this little car and she LOVESSSS it (and, side note, is getting a helmet for her birthday!!).  Anyways, I grabbed my camera (duh) and got out there and snap snap snapped away while they were playing!  That candid childhood just gets me every single time!!

Mike snapped a few pics of me snuggling my old man Scoots.  Gosh he's getting old.  But still has a pep in his step and truckin' along!  I like getting any snuggles I can with him cause who knows how much longer he'll be around (his diabetes scares me.)

I made this pic gigantic for you cause it may be my most favorite picture ever of these two!!! GAH! My heart explodeddddd.  And I had Patrick run over and give Annie a kiss right after and it's way cute too but we just missed that golden hour sun glow -- which I guess is how quick that perfect timing went with ^^ this snap.

Rosie got to be a bit sassy and did some of her signature poses, which is always a treat.

Mike did take my camera for a few pics too...

...and I LOVE what he captured with the girls!

All in all, it was an awesome Thursday.

Mike is off all weekend (WOOOOOOT!) so I am super excited about that and having him home with us!  I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for always entertaining me by reading my ramblings and musings :)

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