Rosie Goes to Target

New year, new Target adventures (and snaps!) for Rosie!

Can you tell I'm still off school and have been totally feeling the lack of photo shoots booked (probably cause it's freaking FREEZING outside!) and am snapping the heck out of my own kids??!  Welp, that's exactly what I'm doing! HAHA!

Patrick went back to school today so the girls and I hit up Target to return a few things and grab something to cook for dinner...and, duh, I brought my big camera with me.

It shockingly wasn't that crowded so we got some fast shopping in...and then diva did not want to get out of the cart.  Wonderful. 

BUT!  A quick visit to the toy aisle to check out some new potty toys (cause yes, I'm still keepin' that incentive game going strong so she doesn't regress!) quickly changed her mood and out she went!

These fun little Target trips with impromptu photo shoots are just my FAVE!  Gah!  Can it be Christmas break forever and ever?!??!?!

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