19 weeks.

WOOT!!! 19 weeks and ALMOST halfway done cookin'!  I cannot believe it.  Seriously.  This pregnancy has completely flown by and I really cannot believe next week I'll be over halfway done cookin' this kid.  CRAZY!

This past week has been exhausting, mostly because of losing Grandma, but I've just felt completely drained.  I had 11 mini-sessions on Saturday with my new lens (OMG, freaking amazing) and that about killed me.  Fortunately they weren't too bad while I was actually doing them and it wasn't 9 million degrees out, but still, MAMA IS TIRED.  And sore.  So sore.

So!  What's new for 19 weeks?!  Definitely feeling this kid move more and more.  I know last week I said I wasn't feeling this kid at 18 weeks move as much as I remember with Rosie but I definitely have been feeling more and more flutters this past week.  Again, not as much as I remember at this point with Ro, but more than I've felt the past few weeks!  So yay for movements!  I can't wait for the big ones to start!

I did say at 19 weeks with Rosie my appetite increased, and YEP, I concur -- this past week especially I've wanted to eat everything in sight!  A very welcomed feeling from those first 16 weeks of just awful nausea torture.  Haha!  And I've been having a HUGE snack right before bed which probably isn't the smartest thing but oh well...mama is hungry SHE IS GONNA EAT!

I got a sweet new shirt that I a determined to squeeze into for 20 more weeks because I freaking love vaccines and so do my kiddos.  They save lives and I"m a huge pro-vaccine advocate, so this shirt I will wear!  Ro has a matching one (that Patrick grew out of) and as soon as they restock the bigger sizes Patrick will be matchy matcherson with us too.

So!  That's about it for 19 weeks!  Excited for my ultrasound next Wednesday and to set my c-section date and for being (gasp!) almost halfway done!  Crazy!  Until week 20 friends!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Cereal, Pizza Rolls
Overall mood?Happy
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?A few more tiny flutters and tummy tickles.
Linea Nigra?Nope!

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