That Golden Hour

Okay!  Biased, I know!  But gosh, I have two cute kids.  And jeez, that's a super vain way to start off a new blog post.  Oops.

Anyways, last night after I got home from work (unusually late because of a long-running meeting) we decided to just grab a pizza for dinner and let the kids play outside, because it was freaking GORGEOUS out.  Like 78 degrees and hardly any humidity.  It's like September 1st greeted us with fall-like weather!  I'll take it...because, to me, summer is dead as soon as I have to go back to work, so bring on the cool fall weather, colors, and everything that goes with it!

Sooooo I decided to grab my camera and snap some pics of the kiddos playing outside during that most perfect time of day to snap, the golden hour.  Again, biased, but we have a pretty good front and backyard that allows for some lovely snaps to take place...which then I use these bad boys in my editing process to really make my pictures pop.

I do love the vibrancy of the colored pictures, but gahhhhh, there's something lately about black and white pics that I just fall in love with -- both for the pics I take of my own kiddos and for ones I take of others.  I really love the matte black and white finish too and have been kind of obsessed using that lately.

Anywayssssss, here's a gigantic photo dump of our golden hour snaps from last night...I'm including the color and black and white versions for you to oogle at.  You're welcome.

Don't the black and whites just pop?!!  Those are most definitely my favorites.

Oh!  And!  Funny story: so I took Ro inside to get her ready for a bath and Patrick DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT want to get off of his "motorcycle" to come in.  So Mike tried to distract him with having him help water the plants and he wanted NOTHING to do with that -- he wanted to ride his motorcycle.  Naturally I could hear him literally screaming and crying and having an epic meltdown outside from inside my house...but apparently others could too...

My cousin Leslie who lives a few streets away but if you cut through backyards really only like 4 houses away text me this and I was DYING.  Yep, he could be heard from far awayyyyy!  How funny is that?!

He eventually did come in and did calm down, but boy, that was a doosey of a we don't usually see a lot from him.

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this early Friday morning!  My new Birkenstocks came in last night (my 6 year old ones cracked so I rushed ordered some earlier in the week) and I splurged for the soft footbeds so my feet are very happy this am I with a 3-day weekend!

Have a great one friends!

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