Rosie is Walking!

So Ro boat turned 17 months old earlier this week and STILL not walking.  Well, I should say not walking solo.  Had to hold a hand or push something for her to strut along.

Something clicked on September 7th, because while I was at work, Mike sent me this:

I think my mouth literally hit the floor.  OMG.  She took steps.on.her.own.  I was SHOCKED.  She'd never really done this other than the few times I set her back away from the couch and she "walked" towards it.  I WAS (and frankly still am!) in shock.

When I got home from work something again was clicking with her and she was walking all over the place.  Yes, she would eventually tootle over and fall, reverting to crawling, but she was WALKING.  On her own.  

Obviously I had my iPhone armed all night waiting to capture her walking feats, and I got a few of them on camera.  At one point (no video sadly) she walked from the dining room, into the kitchen, by the fridge, turned around, and walked back!  I WAS SO SURPRISED!!  And so impressed!

I literally went to bed last night happy and excited for her walking endeavors, feeling like she was FINALLY there (where I thought she'd be months ago! haha) and praying she continues to do it more and more each day (until she's running!) and this wasn't some fluke.

So that's about it!  A short and video loaded sweet little post about Ro Ro walking!  I'm sure when she's full-blown walking (hopefully soon!!) I'll have another post documenting it, but figured I'd go ahead and write this down now to remember her milestone.

Rosie, I am so so SO proud of you big girl!  Keep goin' and and keep on runnin' sister bear!

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