Minis & Other Weekend Adventures

What a weekend!  A busy yet beautiful one -- the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS and Mike was off all weekend!  The weather FINALLY was not ungodly humid, and was sunny and beautiful all weekend long.

Late last week I bit the bullet and bought a new lens: a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and  I will admit I was a little bit intimidated by it when I opened it, but that quickly faded once we had a little impromptu front yard shoot on Friday night.

SEE?!!!  But I'm in love with it -- I don't have to be on top of my subjects like I felt like I had to with my other lens (which I also love!) and the picture quality is SO SHARP.

BIASED!  I know!  But dang, how sweet are these snaps?!  And I should add that Rosie is OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY walking.  Like no more crawling -- when she toddles over she gets back up and walks again.  CRAZY how fast that switch flipped for her.  Life is so much easier for her (and me!) now that she can actually get to where she needs to go AND I don't have to carry her.

Here's a fun little "they just started walking" snap -- Patrick was 12.5 months old and Ro 17 months.  Both love their pup and LOVE walking him!

Yep.  She's really walking all over the place now like a drunken sailor and it's the cutest thing ever.  She even is trying to run and it's like BAM her confidence just showed up and she's not afraid to let go anymore and do it on her own!  I'm so proud.  SO PROUD.

Mike posted this earlier last week too -- Ro was walking AND had her first Big Mac which she loved.  A proud moment for both of them apparently.

Unrelated, we went to Steak 'n Shake for diner last week and someones was the epitome of unimpressed.

Mike's new schedule is, knock on wood, going well.  It's weird having him gone all night long (Scooter usually sleeps up in his spot) and having him get home when we're waking up and he's about to go to sleep.  Patrick joined me for some Saturday morning cartoons in bed before Mike got home (with donuts!!!).

While Mike siesta-ed away the burritos and I made a quick dash to the grocery store before naps for them and I had ELEVEN mini - sessions!

These sessions went AWESOME.  You can look here at a bunch more teasers, but I absolutely LOVE the way they all turned out!  Hoping my next round in October (when I'm almost 25 weeks pregnant! EEKKKK) goes just as well!  My new lens rocked it and I may not ever use anything else again!  Haha

I had to snap a few pics of my kiddos while I had my camera out (I took over 1700 pics at my minis!) so I tossed some pics of them in here as well.

I will say, today.  Bending up and down, laying on the ground, running all over the yard -- mama is worn out.  And literally hurts to move today!  I haven't been this sore in YEARS.  Gosh I'm so out of shape.

I'm pretty proud of my new shirt I got from here.  We're big vaccine people over here and I like to let people know that :)  Ro has a matching one too -- and whenever they restock Patrick's size he will as well!

I ran up to school this morning to use the wifi to upload my mini session pics (SOOO much faster than ours at home) and I brought Patrick with me.  I told him we were going on a secret mission and he LOVED it.  I remember my dad taking us on secret missions all the time (even to silly little errand places) so I hope to keep taking the burritos on them as well.

We had Sunday dinner, per usual, at my wonderful in-laws where Patrick spent a good hour riding his "motorcycle" around the yard...which I cannot believe I didn't snap any pics of him doing!  Mike said, "I can't believe you didn't bring your big camera to take pics of them playing" and I  said, "I purposely didn't -- I'm too sore to move!"  So yeah, just a few iPhone snaps from tonight.

SO!  That's about it!  I'll be 19 weeks on Tuesday (WHHHHHAAAAATTTTT?!!) and then the following week is my big ultrasound!  I keep having these weird paranoia dreams that the tech spills the beans and says what we're having OR that I see a between the legs shot on the ultrasound, which I really don't want to happen, so I'm not very anxious about that appointment because I really don't want to know!

Alrighty, that's all I've got -- have a great week friends!

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