Labor Day {Weekend} at the Lake

Whoa nelly!  What a weekend!  And what a fun one at that.  Mike was off (!!!) most of it, so we decided to take advantage of probably our last pool weekend of the summer and head to my aunt’s lake house.  We ended up getting there Saturday, spending the night, then having our buddies the Polans come down on Sunday for a fun swim day/lunch/dinner before all heading back home.  Mike had to work at 11pm last night (his first official shift on his new permanent 11pm - 7am shift...I’m sure I’ll have more details about how that’s going in a week or two) so fortunately I’m off today (Labor Day!  woot!) so I can wrangle the kiddos while he can sleep.  We have TWO BBQs to go to tonight, so I want to let him sleep as much as possible today.

So!  Onto a fun little weekend recap!  Saturday day we spent getting our stuff together for the lake, running errands, and then after siestas heading down to KiKi’s lake.  Patrick was SO EXCITED (because he practically lives there) and totally showed us all around the stuff he does and what not.  We had pizza for dinner and then went out on a golf cart cruise with some of Kate’s friends.  The sunset was ON POINT that night, and naturally I brought my big camera, so I ended up getting some super cute snaps of the kids.

I mean, how freaking awesome was that golden hour color and cotton candy sky?!!  Seriously.  So perfect.

Patrick’s friends Libby and Rhea were there this weekend too and he loooooooved getting to play with them.  I think he’s got a bit of a crush on Rhea, because when we were out on the golf cart cruise he kept leaning over and smooching her!  I.know.  Mike and I were driving behind them and were like, “DID HE JUST KISS HER?!”  I told Mike he needs to have the talk with him ASAP.  Haha.

Saturday we woke up and after some cartoon watchin' Kate had made monkey bread (DELISH!!) for breakfast, so we devoured that instantly before our friends the Polans showed up.  Patrick was SO EXCITED to have Emma down with him (Emma goes to school with him too) and I think Rosie was excited to have Oliver to play with too?!  I can never tell with that one.

As soon as they got there we packed sandwiches and lunch essentials and headed up to the pool!  It was a bit chilly in the water, but once we got in it was great.  The hubbies and babes stayed till about 1 before retiring back home for siestas and Ann and I stayed with the bigger kids to play.  It was great just having one kid to watch (and not even really, they're both so good at swimming!) and just catch up with Ann.  So much fun!

We took the golf cart back after swimming to the house and got cleaned up for dinner.  I offered to snap some pics of the Polans before dinner, and they happily obliged, because, how can you not with that scenery?!!

We then had a most deliciously excellent dinner of BBQ hamburger and hotdogs, Kate's famous mac and cheese, fruit, cauliflower salad, and special dessert: custom US Marshal and police cookies with homemade ice cream!  YUMMMMM.

Yup.  It was a hit with everyone.  We then cleaned up and decided to load up the vans and head back home.

Oliver gave Ro a quick hairstylin' (seriously.  this pic cracks me up!!) and hammed it up for the camera while Rosie didn't, and then we said our goodbyes and headed back to STL.

Patrick fell asleep about .3 seconds into our drive home, and was a real treat to wake up once we got home (not) but fortunately after a quick bath and an episode of Paw Patrol he passed out with Walter about .5 seconds after hitting his pillow.  Rosie followed suit too.

All in all it was a super duper fun weekend.  As Mike and I agreed, definitely not relaxing (is anything with 2 kids + 1 baking in tow?!!) but definitely fun.  We love our friends and love so much that our kids love theirs!  It was just an all-around awesome weekend to roll into this week.  Have a good one friends!

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