Walking Adventures

Okay okay!  Broken record here!  It's been not even a week since Ro decided to start walking and I'm sure you're already sick of me talking about it.  I promise this'll be my last post on the subject.  Maybe.

Seriously...isn't this freaking amazing?!!  Not even a week ago she took her first REAL unassisted on her own steps and hasn't looked back since.  A couple days after that she stopped crawling when she would fall and started getting up on her own and WALKING.  Gosh, I am so so SO proud of her.  I mean, I was really proud when Patrick started walking at 12.5 months but I guess since Ro took her own sweet time it has made the anticipation and excitement of her taking her first steps THAT MUCH MORE.

I told a friend earlier today that I felt like #3 is even more REAL and coming in less than 5 months now that Rosie has lost the last of her babyness -- crawling.  She's officially a toddler and a WALKING toddler at that!

I mean, how freaking cute does she look standing on her own?!!  And her shoes.  OHH EMM GEE.  What a diva.  This girl loves to pick out her shoes AND always picks different ones.  Problem is they're all a smidgen small (because I'm too cheap to buy her new summer shoes now when she will only wear then for maybe a few more weeks) but she doesn't seem to care.

Last night Mike and I had a small little makeover for the entry way with new lockers/cubbies and now Ro can have a spot to keep all of her little shoes!  Gahhhh I love it so much!  I was going to paint the lockers white but the birchwood kinda matches the paint so I'm gonna keep it.  Now I need to add some pictures to the wall around the big Kirkwood picture in the middle.  That'll be a project for later this week...stay tuned.  Gotta be something eye-catchy cause that's what you'll first see when you walk in!

Patrick has really been proud of his little sister for walking too -- he keeps saying, "I'm so proud of Roey for walking."  And I couldn't echo his sentiment anymore!  He's anxious to hold her hand (and subsequently pull her!) and race her.  I'm sure in no time she'll be able to keep up with him!

We have also noticed the past few days how much more tired Ro is come 7pm...walking is TOUGH work.  I mean, how on earth is ^^ that comfy?!!

After our little walk last night the ice cream truck came by and Patrick (as well as Scooter) subsequently flipped out so he got a spongebob ice cream and he couldn't have been happier.

I was also recording {another} walking video of Rosie and Patrick literally ran me over.  Thank God for my pop socket or else I totally would have dropped my phone.

And completely unrelated to everything in this post, I was playing around with new watermarks and I kinda fell in love with this new one so I think I'm gonna roll with it.

Okay!  That's about it!  I keep thinking today is Wednesday but it's really Tuesday so that's depressing but we are going to Happy Joe's for dinner tonight with my cousins and I am SUPER DUPER excited about it because #3 has been giving me some intense cravings for their pizza at all times it seems!  Have a good one friends!

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