Aldi Adventures

Rosie and I had to do some shopping this morning...since Mike was off I elected to take one kid with me so we could get some grocery shopping done relatively quickly and he wasn't at home with all of the kiddos.

One of our stops was Aldi, my fave grocery I decided to do a little photoshoot IN Aldi with Rosie (you know, taking a break from our usual cosmetic aisle snaps at Target) for some pics on our shopping trip.

Nevermind I bribed her with new princess chapstick for these (worth it though, so worth it!)...but golly I am LOOOOOOVING how these turned out!  Seriously, some of my favorite pics of her!

Anyways, that is about the exciting extent to our Labor Day Monday...haha!  Aldi photoshoot!  Anyways, hope you've enjoyed this little photo dump...have a great week friends!

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