Rick & Kathy's 40th Anniversary

Cheers to 40 years!

I cannot believe we pulled off this surprise...and what a wonderful surprise it was!

First off, that pic ^^ comparison IN THE SAME CAR in 1977 and 2017 was planned and I told them when I was taking the bottom pic that that was their big anniversary present.  Little did they know it was going to be given to them AT their surprise party! HEHEHE!  I also shared that post on my FB photog page...and if you'd like to share it to (OMG wouldn't it be cool if it went viral?!) please do!  Here's the direct link to the post --> CLICK ME!

We had been planning this party for a couple months and I really didn’t think we’d get away with having it as a surprise; I thought someone would slip up and say something!  However, no one did and it went off without a hitch!

We got a babysitter for the girls (thanks Lauren & Bob!  MUAH!) and took Patrick with us (which was so much fun cause he had a blast running around and playing with everyone!)

I think Rick and Kathy were legit SHOCKED.  And SO SURPRISED!  Kathy said throughout the night she was still just so stunned that it happened and was trying to take it all in!  HAHA!  I love it so much.

Anyways, here are a few snaps from throughout the night...they don’t need much explaining other than almost all of Rick and Kathy’s good friends and family were able to attend and had an absolute BLAST!

And you KNOW comparison snaps are my fave...so here are a few we recreated 40 years later...

Cheers to 40 years to the best in-laws out there!  What an inspiration you guys are...here's to many MANY more years of love to come!

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