Saturday & Sunday

This Labor Day weekend was a good one...and we haven't even gotten to the Labor Day part yet!  Friday evening I had a photo shoot so Patrick got to hang with his uncles (and have his first ride in Uncle Ben's Jeep and first snow cone at TroMo) while I was off snappin' (and the girls were hanging with my mom and Mike was snoozing).  'Twas a fun evening all around!

Saturday morning we got up and Mike surprised us with donuts from our fave spot (John's Donuts) before we all sped-cleaned our house in preparation for my sister-in-law Erin's baby shower I was hosting.

However, in between cleaning escapades I did take a few snappin' minutes to click some pics of the kiddos.  And can I just say how freaking awesome it is that Annie sits up on her own now?!  Game changer for pictures!  WOOOOOOOOT.  The only milestone I was in a hurry for her to get to and now she's here and life is awesome.  Here I go snappin' away!

This ^^^ is probably one of my most favorite pictures.  Such real life.  Ahhh, motherhood, I love you so.

The big kids got picked up to go to Kate's lake and Annie and Mike went off to his parents for naps (all around!) while I hosted a shower for Erin's little lady.

Erin had a great time and got oodles of great gifts (and clothes!) for her little gal who will be arriving in less than 2 months! EEKKKK!  Cannot wait to have another little niece to spoil.

On Saturday night after Mike and Annie got back home and I finished getting everything cleaned up from the shower Mike's buddy Ryan from high school (who just moved back to STL) and his son Avi came over to hang for a bit.  Avi is 3.5 months younger than Annie but about 3 pounds bigger than her!  Haha!  He was just so chunky and cute and it was so fun getting the kiddos together and letting Mike and Ryan have some catchup chit chat time.

Sunday morning we got up and got Annie dressed and headed out to Kate's lake!  We were going to meet the kiddos down there and my parents and the Mooneys were going to come join us as well.

Side note: how much does Annie look like her great aunt Kate?!  Kinda scary, they have the same face type!

Once we got there we had planned on going to the pool...but, as lazy as we could be took over and instead we all took nippy naps (even I dozed off on the couch for a bit!) and just hung out.  Plus the pool water was FREEZING so it probably was good that we didn't hit up the pool.  I don't think the kids minded at all that we didn't go to the pool; they had too much fun playing in the backyard and in the random freak rain shower that happened too.

I'm so glad I brought my camera with me!  The lighting today was just fab and the kids were mostly cooperative with my photo antics and I just looooooove all of the pics we got...especially the ones with the grandparents!

Seriously, what a wonderful time we had!  Lots of chit chat (and breaking up fights and whine-fests from the big kids, gotta keep that reality real for you cause it sure ain't all sunshine and rainbows! Haha!) and family time and just a fun, happy, family-filled Sunday with the whole family.  We were so thrilled Mike was off and able to hang with us...seriously makes for the best days!

Patrick snapped a few pics too...and here's one that he captured (nice sun flare buddy!):

I love how much he loves taking pics and asks for my camera all of the time.  Makes my photog heart happy :)

Anyways, we had an awesome Saturday and Sunday 'round these parts.  So much fun and lots and lots of family time that I'm trying to soak in as much as possible because we are so busy it's nice to take a break and just chill for a bit. Ahhh, I hope tomorrow is as relaxing and family funned as the past couple days were.

Have a great Labor Day friends!!

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