Hey Yo Friday!

HOLY CATS.  I.am.beat.  I know it's not my first full week of school but heck it sure feels like it.  I guess last week with the eclipse excitement tricked me into not thinking it was a full week and BAM.  This week has exhausted me!  And I haven't even really done that much!  Haha!  I must be getting old.

Minus Sunday night (with this awesome senior session) I haven't had any photoshoots this week!  I do have a newborn sesh this afternoon after school, but then not again until until next weekend!  However, I should enjoy this lull because after that it.is.insanely.busy. until November.  I booked about 10 shoots just in the past 48 hours and am waiting to hear back from some others about what works for their schedule!  CRAZY!

I actually have updated my pricing and delivery method for picture amounts and delivery (if you're curious, click here) and I am SO EXCITED to really be stepping up my photog game and what not!  Yes, there is a tad bit of a price increase (just $25 bumps to most sessions) and now you are limited to X number of pictures with the session you book (with the option to purchase more/full gallery), but dang it, I feel like my pictures speak for themselves and the price increase and new delivery amounts are worth it.  If I ever want to do this photog gig full time, I need to really be serious and stop underselling myself...so, hence the bump in prices and such!  I hope I get met with positives with this, because it does terrify me to change things up (and fear that everyone will stop using me!) but I'm confident that my pictures speak for themselves and this will be a good thing for myself and Pics & Paws Photography.  Pray for me (or send good thoughts!) in that regard...because I truly would love to do this full time one day (soon?!!).

My parents are getting a new deck out back so they had some new foundation poured and my mom scrambled to get the big kids and Annie when she woke up from her siesta over there before the cement dried to imprint their little paws on it!  We did this same thing when we were their ages when our new driveway was poured and it's fun to look at those handprints that are still on my parents' driveway whenever we go over there!

Monday night we had dinner at the Pond -- my aunt Mary and uncle Jim were in town for a few days from DC and we so enjoyed getting to catch up with them...and also see our Goose!  Annie sure loved her sweet potatoes that night for dinner and Patrick was allllll about pushing Annie's cart all over the place and looking fabulous doing it ;-)

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am OBSESSED with taking pictures of my kiddos snoozing (and are probably sick of seeing them!) but I can't help it!  They're so darn cute!  And I am so unbelievably biased!  Haha!

Mike sent me this ^^ old pic of him when he was about Annie's age and HOLY COW, aren't they dimple double chin twins?!  So crazy how much they look alike!  I can't believe it!  Those Mooney genes sure are strong.

Speaking of Mike, about the cutest thing happened earlier this week: he usually gets home from work and the kids and I then leave for school.  Like we maybe see him for MAYBE 5 minutes.  Well, this day we were waiting for him in the garage to come in and when he got out of the car the kids ran over to him screaming "DADDDYYYYY!" and couldn't stop hugging him!  Naturally I had my phone and pounced on the photo opportunity.  Probably one of my most favorite pictures EVER.  He does work so hard for us and I think the kiddos know that!

Mike sent me this at like 2am the other morning and OMG I was laughing so hard!  SPOT ON Annie, spot on!  I'm sure she totally did this on purpose too :)

So Tula released a new Tula in this ^^ exact print earlier this week and I managed to snag it!  I'm so excited for it to come (because it's a "Free to Grow" style so you can use it with 7lb babies without an insert!  WOOT!  Will be perfect for #4 whenever he/she comes around!) that Scoots celebrated by chowing down on a {fake} donut and wearing Rosie's romper in the same print.

We hung out at my parents house earlier this week -- Annie got some Snapchat lessons from uncle Charlie and Rosie got a lot of coloring in...mostly on her face.  Gosh she kills me!!

The big kiddos are LOVING school and shockingly most mornings it goes smoothly waking them up and getting them fed and out of the door by 7:15am to get them to school!  I try and document our mornings as much as possible because I know I'm going to blink and it's gonna be May and the school year will be over and I'll be wondering where the heck all of the time went!

My brother Ben is in town so we've been taking full advantage of spending oodles of time with him!  Last night the kiddos and I took him to Club Taco (one of our favorite joints!) and then ice cream!  It was SO MUCH FUN to hang with him (the kids had a blast with uncle Benny!) and to get to catch up!

Rosie superbly loved all of her food, especially her ice cream!  Shockingly Mike was able to get out her ice cream stains no problem on her dino dress, so yay for that!

I gave Annie some ice cream which she loved, but then wanted to try and hold it and nope, that ended quickly.  You can see ^^ how she felt about me denying her her treats.  Oops.  Next time Annie when I haven't run out of wet wipes.

We got to see a train while we were eating our ice cream and they LOVED it!  That's always the highlight to Custard Station trips by far.  I can't believe they've only got a few more weeks of being opened before they're closed for the season! GAH!  Awful that summer has flown by so fast!  I need to stop blinking.

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this little weekly roundup post.  I am SO GLAD it's Friday...and a long weekend that Mike is OFF!  WOOT!  I am hosting my sister in law Erin's baby shower tomorrow afternoon then we are going to head to the lake on Sunday to really bid farewell to summer.  Lots of family time (and pictures!) will be happening this weekend...I can't wait!  Hopefully a little relaxing and charging my internal batteries, cause I am pooped! Haha!  Have a great weekend friends!!

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