Annie at 8 Months

Ahhhhh, another month has come and gone and I guess I blinked because my sweet little newborn babe is now 8 whole months old!

We are just 4 short months away from her turning 1 and I cannot believe it.  I really feel like I just found out I was pregnant with her and BAM!  Here we are 2/3rds of the way done with her first year of life.  Heck, I swear I just penned her 7 month post!  Time is absolutely flying by.

Annie turned 34 weeks old this past Tuesday and I got all of her snaps kind of able to fit in a square.  Kind of.  Math is hard!

Anyways, Annie doesn't go back to the doc for another month for her 9 month checkup, so, as always, I've got oodles of mom stats for you this month!  Excited, aren't you?!
  • Annie weighs 19 pounds 12 ounces...up almost a pound and a half from last month!  Probably cause she flippin' loooooves her some mama's milk AND food now.  Little heifer!
  • Annie wears mostly 9-12 and 12 month clothes, although some 6-12 month outfits still fit her!  WOOT!  Getting lots of use out of clothes that Rosie blew through (I know I say that every month, but dang it it's the truth!) and I'm guessing will probably be in 12 month sizes for another month or two.
  • I'm guessing she's around 28 inches long or so...but I could be off!  Haha!  She's getting kinda snug for her infant carseat so we'll probably be moving her up into the convertible carseat soon.  But I still like the convenience of the infant carseat + carseat cart stroller we have so I'll probably keep her in it a bit longer still :)
  • ONE TOOTH!  I mean it's tiny and barely popping through but dang it it's there and I'm counting it as a milestone for this month!  Haha!  I just noticed it popping through last weekend so I'm sure others aren't far behind!
  • Rolls over and wiggles like nobody's business!  I think once she figures out how to get on all 4s she's gonna be off!  But thus far no crawling or anything, just rolling and wiggling.
  • Sitting up like a pro!  She really figured this out this past month and is rock solid sitting up on her own!  WOOT WOOT!  Like I said before it's the only milestone I'm in a real hurry for her to do cause it makes things so much easier...especially pics!
  • FOOD!  Girlfriend loves to eat.  And we've pretty much ditched the baby food (maybe a pouch here or there) and instead just give her what we're eating and she eats it like a champ!  She has had SO MUCH this month, even those pesky allergy foods like strawberries, cheese, peanut butter, fish, and so on!  She has yet to meet a food she really hates which is wonderful.  And it's so much easier just giving her what we're eating rather than having to bring baby food and feed it to her.  She's a pro at feeding herself and I'm so glad because it truly makes life with 3 kids so much easier!
  • Still a freaking fantastic sleeper...probably the best Mooney sleeper we've had!  She goes down usually around 7:30pm and sleeps till anywhere between 7:30-9am.  Freaking rockstar.  There were a few instances where she'd wake up at 3am to eat but that happened maybe twice??? And I'm gonna blame teething for that.  Haha!  She still takes 1 nap a day, usually a solid 3 hours from about 1-4pm.
  • Has full adapted to the bottle life and embraces it whenever I am not around.  She still prefers to nurse when I'm there with her. While I'm at work she takes usually around 16-20oz of breastmilk from a bottle along with whatever food she eats.  We haven't really tried and sippy cups yet; we've tried a straw and she really doesn't know what to do with it yet...haha!  I'm hoping by a year we can cut out bottles and just go to sippy cups like we did with the big kids.
  • Is an avid nurser and loves to do it.  Fortunately, knocking on wood as I type this, hasn't bitten me yet (woot!) and is a very determined eater -- usually eats and is done after about 5 minutes or so.  But she never turns down a good boob session so I know she's getting lots and lots of milk.
  • Annie is such a happy and chill baby.  Very go with the flow and is so observant...she loves to see what's going on around her especially when her big brother and sister are around being crazy and silly.  She makes some of the best expressions out there and just cracks me up with the faces she makes!
  • Still holding strong to the few nicknames we call her: Annie, Annie banannie, Annie girl, sister, sissy, baby Annie (that's what both Patrick and Ro call her!), and that's about it! 
  • Loves to babble and talk and make lots and lots of sounds!  I swear she's said "bye bye" (I'm sure it was just a babbling fluke!) but if she's anything like her big sissy she'll be talking in no time I'm sure!  She loves to giggle, especially when she is tickled!  Seriously, the happiest baby around!
  • Annie girl loves to be worn in the Tula!  She's just cruised on the front but I bet she could be worn on the back now that she's sitting up so well and what not.  But, it is SO MUCH EASIER to have her on the front than the back so I'll probably keep her there for a while longer.
  • Absolutely LOVES her big siblings.  They both can make her smile and giggle like no one else!  Especially Patrick, he sure loves making her laugh and smile.  Rosie loves sneaking her 'baby kisses' randomly and it's just the sweetest thing!  Scoots is also a big fan of Annie (especially when she's eating!!) and loves being around her.  She loves petting his fur and cuddling with him when he's snoozing.
Okay!  So now your (my) favorite part: comparison pics!

And here's all 3 burritos at 8 months old.

And here are a few outtakes from our little 8 month photo shoot...bonus pics for you :) You're welcome.

My oh my Annie girl!  How we love you so much and love having you in our family!  Here's to a great 8 months already and many MANY more to come!

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