Martes y mas.

Ahhhh, Tuesday.  You be so boring.

Actually, I had a mild anxiety attack last night (not really, just an OMG SO OVERWHELMING) because I tallied up all of my upcoming photo shoots and holy cats people. 52. FIFTY TWO booked between now and Thanksgiving!  And that is counting a day of 12 mini sessions as ONE photo shoot.  Dear lordie I am BUSY BUSY BUSY!  But I guess it's a good thing, right?!  People are liking my snaps :)

I snapped my brother and sister-in-law's family pics as well as my other brother and sister-in-law's maternity snaps on Sunday!  I looooove how rustic and very fall-y they turned out and it does make me sooooo excited for all of my upcoming sessions I have booked.

So Ro got this new unicorn headband and she's obsessed with it and, I'm biased, but she makes a pretty darn cute unicorn, doesn't she?!  The rainbow dress really helps accentuate it, don't you think?! ;-)

Welp, our Annie banannie is officially a food monster!  Girlfriend loooooves her some food and is all about the real stuff now!  She has taking a liking to pancakes and cookies, as is evident above, and doesn't even need them broken up small, she just devours them whole!  She still doesn't have any teeth but is definitely putting those gums of hers to work!  I'm so happy about this cause I freaking hate baby food and am all about her eating the real stuff cause it's easier and cheaper.

I sent off another mama's milk donation earlier this week and I'm just a few hundred ounces away from hitting 16,000 ounces donated total!  WOOT WOOOOOOOT!

Sunday we hit up Tarjay while Mike was snoozing and I clearly was the only excited one to be there.  Patrick was on team #fakesmile and the girls were not having any selfies that day.  Our trip took about 45 minutes longer than it should have because we ran into, not kidding, 5 different people I knew and of course I had to stop and chat with all of them!  Haha!  The kids I guess weren't having that and just wanted to get home and play.  I don't blame them, because I was at my playground and I didn't want to leave! Hehehe.

Just a few adorable snaps of Annie I took before my photoshoots on Sunday.  Gosh she is so darn cute.  And I've become a wittle obsessed with these new bows Annie has been wearing so, sorry, not sorry, she'll be in them until she figures out how to yank them off (which I'm sure will be soon now that I've bought her all of these new bows.  Eyeroll.).

Monday morning before school we had a little photoshoot...which has happened oh-so-much lately and I can't say it isn't worth getting the kids to school a few minutes late in exchange for some of these gems and videos!

Aren't they adorable?!  Gosh I could eat them up!  Rosie wasn't having any pics this morning which I've learned not to push her when she's not in the mood for it cause it always backfires.  Always.  So I only snag Ro for pics when she is cooperative and wanting it.  Ohhhh, I'm shuddering at the thought of the teenage years with her.  Iccckkkk.

And ^^^ this, my friends, is why you always ALWAYS snap in RAW!  Your super dark under-exposed pics can be saved!  WOOOOOOOT!!  BUT you need a photo editing program to be able to edit RAW pics, so if you don't have one, make sure you're snapping on JPEG :)

Yesterday Annie got her first adventure in the shopping cart, which is hilarious because all 3 of the kids + Scoots have graced this cart and have always loved it!  Annie clearly was loving it too.

Patrick got his hair cut by yours truly yesterday (per his request) and I think I did a pretty darn good job on it, dontcha think?!

Annie also likes to hide her buzzcut with Patrick's hat and it's the cutest thing EVER.  I should find her a little tiny toddler hat for her to wear cause all of Patrick's are too big.  Making a note for my shopping list!

Mike sent me this pic yesterday and it just melted my heart -- instead of sleeping he took Annie to see Goose and snapped this pic and sent it to me and it is one of my most favorite pics EVER.  So darn cute.

I'll leave you with this pic of my two oldest burritos on our way to school way too early this morning.  They sure didn't mind that 6am like I did.  Haha!  Have a great Martes friends!

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